Wonder Woman Takes over MAC

One of the MAC Wonder Woman lipsticks, I love the design!

MAC Cosmetics has done it again with providing a very cool new website for their most recent collection. Although I’ve only bought a couple of items from MAC I always visit their website to check out what cool packaging and graphics they have used for their website and products. The only thing about  MAC is that its kind of hit or miss with their graphics and designs. Some collections have really unique and interesting designs while others…not so much. Their newest collection is the Wonder Woman line of cosmetics that includes some really great designs. To start off when you first go the website the main page shows a cartoon strip/page  of Wonder Woman that includes animated graphics. On the page are two, what I call, action bubbles that take you to either the products or a contest page. The first page with the cartoon may seem a little busy but I still like the whole idea of incorporating the cartoon strip into the webpage. Overall I really like how this webpage was done and really like all of the designs. Moving on to the design of the products; I also really like the designs of the products and how the character was incorporated. Although the character herself isn’t on any of the products her logo is always the main focus. If you look at the lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes the logo is really front in center. I also like how MAC’s logo doesn’t overpower the Wonder Woman logo and keeps her as the main focus. I also like how all of the well-known Wonder Woman colors are shown on every product. I think that designs and just look of everything is really beautiful, they colors just work. I just hope I don’t get suckered in to buying something for the design because I like so much. If  you do some research and look back on some other collection designs I think this is one of the most successful.  Well done MAC!

To see more of the collection visit: www.maccosmetics.com


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