Simple Sells

From all of the websites I’ve been looking at, and from thinking about my own website that I’m working on, I’ve discovered something. Simple sells. Whether it’s a product or idea, simple graphics and navigation tend to equal success, at least in my opinion. My main examples

An example of Toki Doki graphics

 are Toki Doki and Hello Kitty (created by Sanrio). I actually came across these examples when I was thinking of things to include on my website that show my interests and likes. While I was thinking about Toki Doki and Hello Kitty, both companies whose graphics I love, I thought about the huge successes of these companies and how that came to be. The graphics and the characters are so simple and easy to re-create so wondered why I, or anyone else, hadn’t been able to come up with an idea like that. Hello Kitty is huge and is loved by so many people; Toki Doki is gaining in popularity and has a vast array of products to choose from. I’m not sure why these characters and graphics appeal to me so much but I know the simple cuteness has something to do with it. I also love the creativity of the creator of Toki Doki and how the characters are made up of objects like cacti, milk cartons, and donuts. Overall I love how simple the characters from both companies are and I think the simplicity of them adds to why they are so popular.

An example of Hello Kitty graphics

Check out Toki Doki here:

Check out Sanrio (Hello Kitty) here:

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