The End for Bussiness cards?

With many objects or products originally made out of paper going digital, for example ebooks, is the business card safe? I recently came across an article asking this question and before I even started reading I decided that business are safe. I think because business cards are so widely used combined with the uncertainty of technology, which is at times unreliable, business cards are not going away any time soon. The writer of the article also shares a similar opinion on the usefullness and importance of a business card. Also included in the article were tips on designing a business card and how to make them more memorable. Personally if I come across a business card that has a really cool or unique design to it I am very likely to keep it. This backs the idea of creating a memorable business card, the more a person likes it the longer they are going to keep it and remember your business. I thought this article touched on some important points and it did make me think about the future of paper business cards a bit more.

Here’s the link to the article:


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