Tarina Tarantino: Cute or Kiddy?

Something I really love is the packaging of products,  I probably mentioned this before but just a FYI in case you didn’t know. I’ve gotten to the point where if I find a product I’m going to use and I love the packaging and can’t live without not looking at it every couple

I have the lip gloss on the left

 of days I have to buy it. That being said when I found a Tarina Tarantino lip gloss on sale with a very cute graphic I couldn’t resist and came back and bought it, after leaving and telling myself  “no”  beforehand. I looked around at some of the other items on sale but by taking a closer look I noticed how some of the products were cheap looking. I think the big problem is the shiny plastic used for the cases of the eye shadow and the lipglosses. The one I got wasn’t that cheap looking but some of the others looked like something you would find in a kid’s play makeup set. Not a very appealing look considering these products are supposed to be for women. The regular cost of some of these items are pricey so having a cheap looking product to show for it is disappointing. Since these products are on sale and the collection is still being sold I’m think some new packaging is in order. The graphics of the labels and sticker on some of these products were really nice so it is kind of a disapointment.  Hopefully this time they’ll make their products actually look like how much their items regularly cost.


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