Lovely Logos

I recently came across a list of 28 beautiful and modern logos that I thought would make a good blog topic. I’m not sure how many I’ll do per post ( it depends on how much I have to say about each) but for the next couple blogs I’ll be focusing on these unless something else temporarily catches my eye. The first logo is by Stellar Quotes and is pretty stellar itself. I like the simplicity and colors of this design. I also like the type used for the name of the company, it makes the company seem fun and whimsical. I also like how the background is black and really makes the colors of the quotation mark stand out. It also helps the viewer focus on the company’s name, which is in white. This is a very simple and very nice design overall!

stellarquotes logo

The next logo is from What the Duck? I think this logo is pretty creative and very cute. I like the idea of have a duck reshaped into looking like a question mark, I think its very unique. The logo also makes me want to check out the website and see what this company is about. I also like how the duck has a kind of glow behind it but I can’t help but wonder if the logo might even look better without the glow. I thought the text fit in with the logo very well, it was kind of  cartoony but I thought it was okay seeing as I can’t think of another type to replace it with. Overall I really like the duck question mark but everything else was just okay for me.

What the Duck logo


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