Lovely Logos: Part 2!

Here is my second batch of lovely logos! Today we’ll start with What is Love? I really love this design and I’m not too sure why because there isn’t too much to look at. I think that the adorable heart made out of question marks is to blame. I love how this company did something similar to What the Duck (see last blog post) by using the question mark as part of its logo. I like something they did differently from them as well, which was included the question mark in the name of the company instead of , from what I’m guessing, implying the logo as the question mark to complete the name. At this point I’m not sure if What the Duck uses a question mark in its name or not but What the Duck does sound like a question. But maybe I’m just looking to much into this. I also like the type that is used in this design, its simple and bold. The capital letters also make me feel like this is an important question/name. I also like the plain white background, it makes the design really stand out. Overall I really liked this design and I’m left wondering if I have a think for question marks.

What is Love?

Two Thumbs Up is the next logo I took a look at and I also like the use of commas (or quotation marks?) in the logo. At first I thought the thumbs were just some shapes created to look like a thumbs up but when I looked at the image more I realized that these were actually quotations. I thought this was actually a very appropriate choice because I’m guessing, just by looking at the name, that this is some kind of review site. To  be honest I’m not really sure how I feel about this logo, I kind of like it but I kind of don’t. I’m not sure what exactly I don’t like or would change ( maybe the type?) but this isn’t one of my favorite designs.

Logo of Two Thumbs Up


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