Lovely Logos: Part 3!

The first logo I’m going to look at for this post is for a company called Job Quote. Before I continue I can’t help but wonder if the writer of the article I’m getting this list of logos from has a quotation fetish. It seems that the majority of these “28 Beautiful and Modern logotypes…” have a quotation mark or have something to do with quotes. Just saying. I actually do like the logo for Job Quote, it was one of the few that stood out to me when I was glancing at the logos. I like that used a quotation mark, once again, and made it look like a briefcase by adding a little handle at the top. The type does add a professional and user-friendly kind of look which is a plus. I like the clean white background too, it makes the type and graphic pop. I thought this logo was pretty good overall. Nothing that special but it give me the impression of a website that is easy to use.

JobQuote logo

Depending on what I find I might take a temporary break from these but we’ll see! To see the full list and what’s coming next visit the article here:


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