Lovely Logos: Part 3!

The next set of logos I’m going to look at involve…you guessed it…some sort of quote! The first logo is for the company QuoteBuilder. I have to say that when I look at it I do get a feeling of construction, like something being built. I think the colors really remind me, for some reason, of tools. The logo makes me think about the tools my own father has and I instantly connect the logo, regardless of the hammer, to tools or construction. I thought that the color choice was very good since I got the connection just from the combination of colors. I also liked how part of the head of the hammer was a different color than the rest of it. It clearly places focus on the quotation mark in the hammer. It also makes more a connection between the quotation mark and the word quote. Overall I think its a very successful design in getting its point across.

QuoteBuilder Logo

The second logo is from Fuel Quoter and I also really like how the quotation mark is used here. This time the quotation mark is used as the end of a gas pump and the O in the Quoter is made to look like a drop of gasoline. The green against the yellow grabs my attention and make me focus on the company name. The yellow also isn’t too bright for me, which is good because I don’t want to be blinded. This logo is pretty simple but I like it and the way the quotation mark is used. If anything, these logos are showing me how many things you can do with one quotation mark, the possibilities are endless!

Fuel Quoter Logo

Once again, the link to these is here:


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