Remembering Your Audience

Something that caught my eye in the news recently was the topic of an advertisement being changed for a certain audience. The advertisement for the clothing company H&M was deemed too revealing for the company’s market group in Dubai. The ad features famous model Gisele Bundchen in clothing that many Americans would feel isn’t very revealing at all. Since a more modest way of dressing is popular and more socially acceptable to the people of Dubai the ad was tweaked to gain more popularity and less controversy. Reading about this really made me think about how companies, and designers, really have to get to know their audience/customers. It’s a known fact that you can’t please everyone but you don’t want to disregard their beliefs or cultures when you’re trying to sell a product either. What they did to modify the ad was just to Photoshop in a white t-shirt underneath Gisele’s clothing. I actually thought the first image looked pretty nice. I really just wanted to shed some light on this because it reminded me that as a designer you always have to be thinking about who is going to see your design. It also showed  how cultural beliefs could play a large part in how your design is perceived.

Check out the ads here:


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