Lovely Logos: Part 4!

The first logo I’m going to be looking at is for planb holdings. The logo is very simple and I like how the three colors overlap and come together but the logo doesn’t really seem to relate to the name of the company. It kind of looks like the letter b but I’m not sure if its supposed to be a b or not. I don’t know, the logo just doesn’t seem relevant to the company. When I look at  this logo by itself I don’t make a connection towards the company. I know that the logo doesn’t have to be so literal but when I think of the Elmer’s glue logo and how universally known it is I can’t help but compare them. I would have also liked the b in planb to stand out a little more so that it doesn’t look like one word like it does on here. I have to say I didn’t really like this design too much.

planb holdings logo

Next is the logo for StelMM Asset Management and I do like this one more than the last one. One reason is the type used for the logo. It just gives me the feeling of being strong, impenetrable, and safe. At first I was trying to find an S out of the logo but when I changed my perspective I saw that it was sideways M, which made sense. I also like how the logo is bigger than the name of the company, it just drew my attention to the logo and then down to the company name. I thought this was a good idea because for myself personally if I see and interesting logo I want to know more about the company it’s for. I thought this one was pretty good!

StelMM Logo

Once again the link!:


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