Lovely Logos: Part 5!

The first logo I’m going to look at is from Brand Events. One of the things that I really like is the tie and how it’s been filled in with multi-color polka dots. The polka dots make the tie seem more playful and party-like. I also really liked how the words Brand and Events were different; the word Events was made of different color letters which tied back to the tie 😀 and the theme of fun. To me this logo made me feel like the company could be fun or serious depending on the event. This is great because it attracts different types of people who want a certain mood. That being said, I really liked this design!

The next design is from the Albatros Corporation and I has, what I think, is a very eye-catching logo. I really like how the bird is incorporated in the design; it has a really modern look to it and I love the touch of green. I also really love the type used for the company and the word corporation; it just give the logo more of a professional and almost exotic look. For some reason I would have really liked for this to be an airline because I think the look would really suit one! Overall great design!

The link:


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