Lovely Logos: Part 6!

Two more logos today but I also made a decision today. Since I want to just move onto something new I decided to cut down the logos I’m going to review. The main reason is I’m kind of getting bored and want to move onto other things. I will be critiquing a couple more but those will probably be made up of ones I really like. That being said, let’s get going! The first logo is from Blooming Lens, I really like that this design is simple yet unique. I love the flower made out of film! Besides the fact that its cute I think it pairs really well with the name of the company. The text of the logo is also simple but has a sophisticated look to it. I also like the color choices, especially adding gray to the center of the flower versus black. I kind of wish it wasn’t so tilted, I’m not sure why but it kind of bugs me, otherwise no other complaintsAnother logo I really like is the one for Strada Film. There’s just something about the way the pieces of film pull you inwards that I really like. I also like the overall look of the film strips. I love the type used in this logo, it’s just really professional looking and makes me feel like this is a really big and prestigious company. I kind of wish the film strips were aligned so that they would make more of  an upside down V-shaped in the center. I just feel like the strips pull me in and then there’s just this blank black space for me to look at. I feel like that if they want to pull me in but not let me see what is ahead they should make it look like there’s more to come. For me this kind of like drawing a road, it needs to look like it continues. I still really like this one though.

These next couple ones I won’t say much about but I really liked how the film stripes were used to make other objects. Each of these had their own uniqueness and I felt were very creative!


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