Pretty Little Books

I recently started reading the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard, and I instantly loved them. You’re probably wondering how this applies to this blog since what I do on here is focus on design. One thing I really love about these books is the covers. After reading the first two books I really found that the design of the cover really suited the series. I love how symbolic the plastic Barbie-like dolls are and I think they are a perfect choice for these books. The dolls really represent how the girls make themselves look and seem perfect when they really are fake and dishonest about who they are. The fact that a doll is something that can be controlled is also something I really liked. In the book the main characters are being blackmailed into doing things in exchange for keeping their secrets so I thought that the use of the doll was perfect in this aspect as well. Another thing I loved was that these dolls weren’t just generic looking dolls; it was obvious that these dolls were made to look like the characters. Doing this just made the design more connected to the book. I really love the shorelines of the books themselves but the book cover alone makes me want to purchase the books just for the designs!


Pretty Little Liars Book 1


Check out the other covers and the books here:


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