Not so pretty Phones

Don't hate me 'cause I'm functional

Admit it. One of the reasons you picked the cell phone you have is because of how it looks. When it all comes down to it, no matter what the functions a phone has, its looks are a major factor. That’s where this list of the 13 Ugliest Phones comes in. After looking at them I don’t think I’d go as far as to use the word ugly to describe them. I don’t know, to me they’re not that bad. Outdated? Yes. Ugly? Meh. They may not be attractive but it’s not their fault, poor cell phones. Anyways I the biggest problems I had with the design of these phones is their shapes. The more modern looking phones have a square shape to them and I just don’t like them. They’re too square. Plus they’re to hard to get a good grasp on and they’re keyboards tend to be small. I actually don’t mind the shape of the Nokia 7600, it’s the screen and front of the phone that I don’t like. For me the screen is way too small and all the buttons make the surface look cluttered. The Sony Ericsson t61z is another on my least liked, it looks too much like a house phone and the shape is unattractive to me. To me Nextel phones in general are unattractive; I realize they have to be durable but can’t they look good at the same time? My overall opinion is that they are bad but they’re not that bad. These are just a few off the list of phones, check out the article if you want to see more.

Check out the rest here: 


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