Lovely Logos: Part 7!

For this week we’ll start off with a logo from Posh My Pup. The reason I like this one is because of the dog image and type used. I like how the dog is a little scruffy looking but also looks more posh with the bow-tie. It gives me the feeling that this service is for all kinds of dogs, even the more scruffy ones, and is therefore affordable. I think that if another breed was used, like a well-groomed poodle, that this would have made the company seem more expensive or for the elite. I also like how the type is playful and includes a paw print. I think it backs up the idea that this an affordable company that is for anyone, or dog 🙂 I don’t like how the line of the background that the dog and logo are on stands out. I feel like since the backgrounds are pretty much the same color that only one of the them should have been used. That or change one of the colors.

Posh My Pup logo

The next one is from Dog Click Training and I also really like the graphic of the dog in this logo too. If I don’t know what kind of website this was from the text I would know by just looking at the dog. I like how the little hand is kind of training the dog and I think it adds some curiosity to what the website is about. It made me wonder if the website had videos on how to train your dog or just articles or tips. I like the border around the graphic on this logo more than the other site above but it still has some issues. I like how the sides blend out into the other background but I wished all of the sides of the border around the logo did this. The top and bottom edges of the background around the logo are harsh and don’t blend into the other background. I would have just liked them to blend a little bit more.

Check out the rest here:


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