Free Mortgage?

A free mortgage? Impossible right? Wrong. The company Adzookie has thought up a new and unique way to advertise for their company and give homeowners a free mortgage. The company is planning to advertise their business by painting houses with an advertisement representing  Adzookie is willing to pay the

An example of what the house may look like

mortgage of the homeowners who get their houses painted for every mont that the house stays painted. Personally I think this is a great deal for homeowner’s with a really tight budget and who may need the help. A lot of other people also agree because Adzookie has gotten over 1,000 applications already and they’ll probably get even more with the publicity they’re getting from doing this. The publicity will not only mean more applicants but also more visits to their website and an increased general interest in the company.  So as far as advertising goes I think this was a great idea to get their company noticed. As for the design fo the houses it isn’t bad; it’s not overly cluttered or painted in neon colors. Plus your mortgage is getting paid for so can you really complain about the design? I just really wanted to talk about this because its such a great way of advertising, at least I think so. 🙂

Learn more  here:


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