Lovely Logos: The End!

Here it is the last lovely logos! The first logo I’m going to look at is from the company Shirt Pepper. One reason I like this logo is because of shirt pepper, or is it pepper shirt? I like how well the company name was incorporated into the logo; I felt that by just seeing this logo I would be able to easily remember which company it belonged to. I also liked that a t-shirt was involved in the logo because it made me know that this was probably a t-shirt company without needing to read the logo. It let me know right up the bat that this company had something to do with t-shirts. The colors were also good, I liked how everything was keep red and green with looking too Christmas-like. I also liked that the p in pepper wasn’t capitalized, I think the spacing between shirt would have been too far if it had been. Something I don’t like about the text is that it seems kind of squished together. I feel like maybe if it was stretched out a bit more I would have liked it better. Other than that I think this is a pretty nice logo!

Shirt Pepper

The next logo is from Chil Up and I like this logo because its simple but appealing. I like how the chile was also incorporated into this logo as the letter i. The thing I don’t really like is that this logo doesn’t tell me much about the company as the logo above does. I still like this logo but not as much as the top one. I have to say that I do like the background of this one better, it just seems brighter and more eye-catching to me but that’s probably just my personal preference. The type isn’t anything special but I like it enough. Good logo overall!

Chil Up logo

This is the end of Lovely Logos but the blogging will continue! 😀


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