Fashionable or Frivolous?

For $365 you'll never have to worry about a bruised apple again!

I’m sorry that it’s been a while but I’m back! My goal is to write at least one post on this blog a week so hopefully I’ll be able to achieve it. Whenever something new and seemingly innovative comes out it makes me wonder if it’s really worth the price. I mean, we’ve done without it before it was invented so why is it so important now? When I see something designer with a ridiculous price tag it makes me think about the people who would actually buy this stuff. I have nothing against designer brands but sometimes I just have to shake my at the thought of people buying these products just for the brand. One of the newest items I found was an apple carrier. Yes, an apple carrier. I like the overall design, the apple IS very cute, but I wouldn’t by it just to carry around an apple. It’s a cute idea but at $365 I definitely think this is waste of money. For that price you get something much more useful and practical.  If you’d like something more suitable for a certain furry companion of yours you could also splurge on a $500 outfit for you cat. Which I bet he/she won’t even appreciate. One of the things that I would actually consider buying if it weren’t so pricey would be a designer bath mat. I like the simple design, maybe the fact that it has my first initial on it helps too, and I love the colors but at $145 I’m still not buying it. The beautifully designed diapers are the only thing I think I would actually by if they weren’t diapers. I don’t have any kids but even if I did these things are going to go straight to the trash after they’re used so why bother? Some of these things are just plain ridiculous rather than useful but they’re still fun to look at. Who knows, maybe Tie Trees will end up being a big thing.

Check out the other stuff I mentioned here:


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