Not your Ordinary Art #1

As always I was looking around the internet for nothing in particular when I found something pretty interesting. I found a slide show of various types of lipstick art. The first picture that it shows kind of disappointed me. It just wasn’t what I expected, don’t get me wrong, it was nice to look at but I was thinking I had found something more artistic. Luckily I decided to go through the whole thing otherwise I wouldn’t have found what I was looking for. The second picture I saw , the heart lips, was pretty cute but it had been done before. The next picture, Halloween one, really blew me away. Not only I love Halloween but the…um…application/painting of the lipstick was really well done. I especially like how the tree continues up to the upper lip and how the sky gets lighter on the upper lip where the moon is. The Pikachu one is pretty good but I wish Pikachu’s nose or mouth was also drawn on the lips, it just seems strange-looking without those features. That being said the panda lips afterward look much better with the panda’s nose included. It just makes it look more like the character rather than a combination of someone’s lips and the character. I thought these animals wouldn’t improve much more but once again I was wrong. The fox lips are very nice. The tail of the fox is also blended very nicely to create a nice transition between the white and the orange/brown of the fox.  The next two are watermelon and kiwi lips and maybe it’s just me but I think the kiwi looks pretty realistic! I love how nicely the watermelon rind was done, the stripes are included very nicely here. The kiwi still remains my favorite because of how unique and creative it is. It’s just so unique and I’ve never seen anything like it before, it also seems so realistic, and I love the seeds! Okay I finally skipped two, now on to strawberry lips. I kind of wish that the color of the strawberry was a little lighter and more bright of a red. I would have kind of liked the lips to have more of a shine to them too, like most strawberries have. Other than that I think this was really well done. The next one is based on a lollipop and I have to say  that I really like this one. This one is also a really unique design and I can’t help but wonder what kind of cool effect the lips would have if the lipstick was worn all day. The crab one is also a very cute look, it’s not as detailed as the others but it makes up for all that with its cute eyes. The last picture is a collection of animal themed lips which are also done very well. I just found some of these really interesting to look at and it just goes to show you that art is everywhere. Stick around for number 2 coming up soon, if you liked looking at these you’ll enjoy my next post!

Check out the rest of them here:


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