Beautiful Brands!

Hi Everyone! I recently came across some really great artwork using brand names as inspiration. I found this through Pinterest, surprise, and I really like them. They’re really well done and are really beautiful. The designs have a floral pattern to all of them and they are a bit similar but the incorporation of color and the black splatters give them some individuality. I also really like how the kind of have an old/antique look to them. I like how some of the words such as Christian Dior are given a kind of old/faded feeling to it. Another thing I like is how the colors used kind of blend or clash together. You can see in some of the designs that the colors blend in certain parts and other times there is more of a dramatic change. The Alexander McQueen one is definitely one of my favorites, I love the red the Q! I also like the YSL one a lot too, I just love the colors in the piece. I liked all of these so much that I actually got some inspiration for a project I just recently finished for my graphic design class. Unfortunately the inspiration was a bit late, everything was due and handed in by the time I found this, but at least I have ideas for future projects! Better late than never I guess. These really inspired me and I definitely want to do some sketches soon! Unfortunately my right hand feels like it’s about to kick the bucket soon so it may have to wait a couple more days! Check out the link here: to see larger versions. See you next time!


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