Yes They CAN!

Hey Everyone! I found some artwork that I think is really creative and great way of recycling. I recently found a ton of artwork done with discarded spray paint cans on, which I mentioned  in my last post. These amazing pieces were created by different artists involved with the organization Canlove which is a non-profit graffiti can recycling program. Some of the pieces they’ve created are flower bouquets, individual flowers, a huge tree, and even using the cans as a base for paintings. The way the cans are used are so creative and it really made me realize how much you do with something as simple as a can of spray paint.

I have to say that my favorite is the tree or Graffitree as they call it on their website. Not only is it huge but it’s so beautiful. I love all the different colors on the tree and the way that the leaves were created. It just looks really amazing. Overall a lot of their work is really colorful and most of the time I forget that the pieces are made out of recycled cans.

I highly suggest checking out their website, listed below, because they have a lot of cool stuff on there. I posted pictures of some of my favorites but I think if I had the money I’d buy most or all of these pieces if I could. They’re very unique and the creativity really amazes me; the bright colors are also a huge plus!

Check out the inspiration grid profile the work here:

Check out the Canlove website here:

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