Put a Cork in It!

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about not updating this blog, so I’m giving you two posts in one day! Yay! In 877a-artcelebration let’s crack some bottles open and give the corks to artist Scott Gundersen so that he can make more cool portraits out of wine corks! I give the artists that I talk about on this blog a lot of credit because they create such amazing things but this guy is in a league of his own. It took 3,621 wine corks to create one portrait titled Trisha. According to theinspirationgrid.com some of his other pieces have required 9,000 corks.

This already seems like a lot of work but if you watch the video on the link below you’ll see that the corks are just the end. He first has to sketch his portrait, and then apply 3,624 nails with a nail gun to stick the corks on. Besides that I imagine he has sort through the corks to find the right ones for the shading he needs and apply them accordingly. In short, he does a lot of work. I think when artists create something like this is shows how much dedication and love they have for art. If I had to do this I think I would have a deep hatred for corks at the end of it all.

At a certain part of the video you can also see a woman and little girl there, who I am assuming are his wife and daughter. I think that part just showed his dedication too because he obviously has a family yet here he is creating this amazing artwork that is so time-consuming. Artwork, especially large-scale pieces take up a lot of time but I think when an artist creates something like that you kind of know they’re in love with what they do. As for these portraits, I think they look amazing. I could see one of these being placed anywhere you can find food. It’s just something that I think would be so appealing to see among food. I hope you guys liked this post and it’s not too long, but I’ll post the link to the video and more below. See you soon!

See the video and more pieces here: http://theinspirationgrid.com/?paged=3#wine-cork-portraits-by-scott-gundersen

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