Scribble Portraits?

Hey everyone! I came across two artists that create portraits by scribbling and they are pretty impressive! 977b-illustrationI found it amazing how realistic these portraits came out to be since the were made by just scribbling. I haven’t seen anything quite like this before and it thought it was a really unique outcome to something that pretty much everyone has been doing since the could pick up a pen. The artists are twin brothers Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyev. Their portraits include the images of celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.

The use various colored pens and pencils to create these amazing portraits. My favorites are the portraits of Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, they just seem a bit clearer and they make you forget for a second that these are just a bunch of strategically arranged scribbles. I guess I just prefer a clearer picture than some of the other pieces where the doodles are a bit more noticeable but that’s just my opinion. Besides this art being so unique I thought it also sent a good message to artists or beginning artists. It shows you that you don’t need fancy or expensive supplies to create artwork, something as simple as a pen can create something amazing.977d-illustration

Don’t tell anyone but when I was younger I was always drawing and doodling during class; fortunately for me I was able to stay tuned in at the same time. A lot of  the time I would use a pen, mostly because I never liked writing in pencil that much, but that’s what I used to create most of my earliest little doodles. It just goes to show you that even if you can’t afford to be buying all these art supplies you can still create art! I know I personally went through a little phase of thinking I needed this and that but I know better now and these pieces prove it.

You can check out more here:

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