Sweet Packaging!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share some really creative and cute packaging that I saw on Pinterest. As you can see its a printable cupcake container. I love it because its shaped like oven, which is so cute and unique!


I found another product that had unique packaging where lightbulbs mimic ice cream cones. I absolutely love this kind of fun packaging and I really appreciate the thought that comes with. I never really thought of a light bulb looking like ice cream!


Okay, one more! Not only was this packaging really cute and eye-catching, but it also ties into the name of the product. Personally I would have liked some spots on the cow to emphasize its cow-ness but it’s still effective either way. Using the cap as the halo was another nice touch! I’d really like how you can see through the bottle so that way the cow’s look can change whether the milk is chocolate or strawberry!


This is all for now, but if you want a direct link to these images just give them a click! Until next time!


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