Website Update!

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a quick update of my website and how it’s looking so far. At this point I’ve been kind of getting everything set up code-wise. I’m still not too comfortable with coding so I want to get the basics down before I jump ahead on to the trickier stuff. I took some screenshots of what I have so far, but what I need to work on its getting everything laid out where I want. If you want to see what my plan for this site is you can check out my later post where I created my site in Illustrator. This is not how I’m going leave this , I just have my containers colored in because I want to work with them and see them. It was a lot easier for me to set things up in Illustrator because I can just click and drag what I want but I’m sure I’ll figure things out in Dreamweaver. Down below are some screenshots of how my site is developing so far. Until next time!

Website Coding

Website Coding

Style Sheet Coding

Style Sheet Coding


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