Traveling in Style!

Hey everyone! I actually found this story on my Facebook newsfeed and I thought it was a really nice example of redesigning something so that its more functional. Pete Smart is a designer who was inspired to redesign one of his boarding passes and create a more user-friendly version. What amazed me the most about this was that without omitting any crucial information he was able to create a really clear and organized boarding pass that still manages to look appealing. I feel like boarding passes are more confusing than they need to be. With this organized layout you can actually find the information you need quickly.

I also like the use of images in his redesign and the use of color. The pass he created was for Virgin and I really like how the logo is incorporated. I keep looking at the old one and I’ve realized that I really don’t even want to take time to read it. It looks like a bunch of jumbled information and that makes me just scan over it and want to move on. I love how he designed this and hopefully it will promote some changes that would benefit everyone!


Regular Boarding Pass


Pete Smart’s Design



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