Bad Bussiness?

While looking at a website I just discovered, and think I’m going to really like, I found an article about business websites. More specifically the writer was talking about financial businesses and their website designs. In the article the writer claimed that most financial businesses tend to have very bad designs that are outdated and unattractive. They also included some screenshots with the article to support their claim. I have to say I agree with them. After reading this article I thought  about some of the financial websites that I visit or that my parents visit. Majority of the are unattractive, that being said I realize that the companies may want a certain sense of a no-nonsense website but I think that could be achieved with the right design. I’m not saying that these websites should be more artistic or have more graphics or graphics that move. I just think that there are tons of company websites that look good without having anything complex. Think about the website of your favorite store or company, they want the website to be pleasing to you so that you can stay there and look around. They want you to buy something or provide a service of some sort that will make you a customer so they create a website that will make you want to look around more. Why should this reason be any different for a financial business? I think if they would work on improving their website designs more they would be able to attract old and new customers to explore their websites.

Advertisements A Website Review

I was recently looking at websites, yet again, to gain some inspiration for my own webpage design. Whenever I’m looking for websites the main website I’ve been going to is . It’s been really helpful to say the least! Anyways I found a simple website that stood out to me called I really liked how simple it is to get around and how well the website’s purpose is made clear to its viewers. All the links to the pages are very clear and I love the graphics throughout the website. Another thing I liked was the About me page on the website because they story behind how the website came to be was pretty interesting. I think having the story behind the website helps the viewer to really see the artists and people behind the website and what they stand for. The website as a whole seemed pretty professional but it did have some fun colors against a grey-black background to make the site more lively. This review is pretty short, really short compared to others, but I’m not sure what else to say. I think this a nice and simple website and it really fulfills its purpose.

Check out the website here:

Wonder Woman Takes over MAC

One of the MAC Wonder Woman lipsticks, I love the design!

MAC Cosmetics has done it again with providing a very cool new website for their most recent collection. Although I’ve only bought a couple of items from MAC I always visit their website to check out what cool packaging and graphics they have used for their website and products. The only thing about  MAC is that its kind of hit or miss with their graphics and designs. Some collections have really unique and interesting designs while others…not so much. Their newest collection is the Wonder Woman line of cosmetics that includes some really great designs. To start off when you first go the website the main page shows a cartoon strip/page  of Wonder Woman that includes animated graphics. On the page are two, what I call, action bubbles that take you to either the products or a contest page. The first page with the cartoon may seem a little busy but I still like the whole idea of incorporating the cartoon strip into the webpage. Overall I really like how this webpage was done and really like all of the designs. Moving on to the design of the products; I also really like the designs of the products and how the character was incorporated. Although the character herself isn’t on any of the products her logo is always the main focus. If you look at the lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes the logo is really front in center. I also like how MAC’s logo doesn’t overpower the Wonder Woman logo and keeps her as the main focus. I also like how all of the well-known Wonder Woman colors are shown on every product. I think that designs and just look of everything is really beautiful, they colors just work. I just hope I don’t get suckered in to buying something for the design because I like so much. If  you do some research and look back on some other collection designs I think this is one of the most successful.  Well done MAC!

To see more of the collection visit:

Kaliber ( A Website Review

Yes, I’m doing website review again but I felt it had to be done now that my impressions are fresh. Unfortunately I did not like this site as much as the others. I do like the overall “look” of the website though, one thing I like are the colors. I don’t know why but it’s just something about the pinks, yellows and greens that make this website visually appealing to me. I also like the pixellated text throughout the website but it also has a different appeal than the group94 website had. This text seems more fun and game-like to me while the group 94 text seemed more important and serious. All the little boxes and tabs also remind me of a video game, which I also like. I thought that all the images were also really cool especially the one with all the computerized little people on the About page. One big thing that I didn’t like was how small the logo and name of the website was. When I first went to the website I

Found on the About/FAQ page

 couldn’t find the logo and when I did it was kind of hard to read. It seems like all the posts on the main page are the things that are really focused on but for coming to the website for the first time I want to know right away what the name of the website it is and what kind of website it is. Way at the top in small letters it says “The Designer’s Lunchbox…” but I didn’t really know what kind of website this was until I looked around because I was so focused on the larger content and text on the page. Looking closer it seems like the small text can be found throughout the website making certain things hard to read. Overall I thought this website was okay but with a few changes it could be better.

NBC Universal Logo Change

One of the things I always seem to do when I go on the internet is head start to the main page of Yahoo and look at whats trending. I almost always find something interesting just by looking at what other people are searching for which is why this somewhat of a ritual for me. Today was no exception and low and behold I found something interesting. NBC Universal is making, what I think, a dramatic change to the company’s logo. The big change is the absence of the iconic peacock with the rainbow-colored feathers. Yes, they’re getting rid of the peacock. At first this seems a bit crazy to me because of how big of a part the peacock logo has played in the history of the company. Ever since I was little I always knew the channel because of the small peacock that would appear on the screen, and this was when I was about five. This is why I think the peacock is so important; it is very recognizable logo that has a deep connection to the company. Included in this blog are the old and new logos of NBC Universal and to be honest I don’t like the new logo at all. It just seems too plain and simple for me and what’s up with the blue/purple background? To be honest when I first looked at the logo I almost mistook it for the Facebook logo. The bluish background and white letters give it the same kind of familiar feeling to the logo, it doesn’t seem very unique. I don’t mind the type, I actually kind of like it, but I still like the old logo a lot more. I like how the old logo incorporated the merge of the two companies and left them with their own company logos. After 56 years as the mascot for NBC I think the peacock has a become a key symbol for the company and getting rid of it feels like losing some of the  company’s history.

Check out the article here:

Note: I just saw another article by the Associated Press that shows basically the same logo but its black and white so I’m not sure why they’re different but I still like the old version anyway. Here’s the link to that article:


The Old/Current Logo

The New Logo