My First Client(s)!

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you guys another update on what I’ve been doing this semester and I’m proud to say I’ve had my first client(s)!!! Ironically it had nothing to do with my graphic design class but another class where we had to provide some kind of service to the community. Me and another fellow student teamed up and came up with the idea to create posters for a library event at our school. That lead to us meeting with the director of the library as well as two other associates involved with the event. The event we wanted to make posters for was the therapy dog visits that occur at the end of the semester.

They come the week before finals week to help students deal with stress and take a break from the books. What I’m going to show you first is the moodboard that I made before creating my versions of the posters. My partner and I decided to do our own thing separately and then show our designs to our clients. That way we could show them two different styles and concepts and go from there. The clients did not see this moodboard and it was mainly for my own reference. I’ve found making moldboards really helpful in fleshing out my concept and they’ve become an important part of my process! As always feel free to leave you’re thoughts below!


More Moodboards!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take the opportunity to show you guys a bit more of my work and give you a taste of what I’ve been doing this semester. One of our projects was to create a timeline or infographic poster that highlighted a current event. I really struggled with the beginnings of this project and it was hard for me to come up with a topic that I wanted to highlight. Some of my other classmates chose to focus on topics such as the Ebola outbreak, Human Trafficking and war related spending. I wanted to make sure that my topic was not only current but also had significant importance.

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri is something that has been widely focused on and I felt this project would help me to communicate awareness of the situation. I chose my timeline to be on the number of black males killed in the U.S. by police officers per year. I felt that by focusing on this the project would end up being more credible since I was not communicating an opinion but rather facts and statistics. Below is the moodboard that I came up and represented my concept for my poster. I eventually plan to post the end result when I have a bit more time but I thought I’d share this with you guys! As always I love hearing your opinion so feel free to make a comment if you like! Until next time!


New Semester, New Post

Hi everyone! I was on somewhat of a hiatus this summer which wasn’t necessarily intentional. This blog mostly functions as a kind of school blog but I usually try to make posts even when I’m not in school because I like sharing things with you guys. This summer I was pretty busy, I was working a lot and when I wasn’t working I was trying to enjoy the summer with my leftover time. That being said I really didn’t do much on the artsy side or writing side for that matter either. However, I wasn’t gone, I’ve been trying to go on Twitter more often and try to make a somewhat interesting tweet. By the way if you haven’t followed me on Twitter please feel free to do so @melfranco17 and send me a message or two!

My goals for this semester are to start working on ways to develop my style more and expand my portfolio. At this point I’m not completely worried about my portfolio but I definitely think I need to start focusing on it more. What I had a hard time on during the summer was coming with projects to create. I really wanted to do simple projects so that I could have a couple of small items instead of a larger project since I was low on time. I guess the good thing about school is that time is more balanced and scheduled, at least for me. I’d like to keep doing mini projects along the way not only for fun but so hopefully something will come from them. I’m thinking more like postcards, posters for events, even maybe some promotional-like items, who knows! Also, I promise to have much more interesting posts with pretty pictures soon! Until next time guys!

It’s all in the Fine Print

Hey everyone! This is going to be a quick post but I thought the topic was kind of interesting so I wanted to talk about it. We’ve been talking a lot about the business aspect of being a graphic designer in my Graphic Design 1 class lately and I felt that this kind of touches on that. A student has come up with a way to save money but investigating how font contributes to the cost of print. I know this may be my inner Typography nerd coming out but come on, tell me you don’t find this at least a little interesting.

According to his research he found that using certain fonts affected how much the printing cost would because of how much ink is used for certain letters. Depending on the font that was used by his school they would end up paying double for the same amount of words just because of the typeface they chose. As a graphic design student I’m always looking for ways to save a little money without sacrificing quality so this really interested me. His findings caught the right amount of attention and he not only found a way for his school to save money but also the government! Thank you sir! Anyway, I will link the article below so you guys can learn more about this if you want. Like I said before this was a short post but hopefully an informative one if you even need to keep something in mind about printing costs!


Be My Guest

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on creating some invitations for my Graphic Design class and in order to do that I’ve had to do some research. I’ve been looking for a lot of sources of inspiration and I thought that I’d share some invitation designs that I really liked! I was looking for not only the design of the invitations but also the packaging since I feel that its also a very important aspect. One thing I keep trying to tell myself and look out for is to not over do it. I tend to embellish things more than necessary which leads to too much going on it the design. For my project I’m doing an Alice in Wonderland/Queen of Hearts theme that I talk more about later but for now here are some invites that I think are pretty cool! By the way clicking on the pictures will lead to the site if I was able find one for it! 🙂





Olympic Art and Matryoshka!

Hey everyone! I always look forward to the Olympics and the opening ceremony so I wanted to talk about that a bit even though it seems to be everywhere. I don’t know where it started but I’ve always loved pretty much any thing to do with Russia and the arts. I know this seems like a pretty convenient statement but I promise its true! I even a have a matryoshka on my dresser. Have you seen the ones on the Slopestyle course? Anyway this made me especially eager to see what was planned for opening ceremony.

One of the things I really appreciated were the way Russian’s culture was portrayed in not only dance and song but also graphics! Come on, this is an art blog, you had to see this coming. I liked how the whole revolved around the dream of a little girl. It’s actually pretty inspiring if you think about it because sure we got a nice brush up on Russia’s history and its achievements;  it also revealed how much can be accomplished in the future. One of the major things I liked was the use of the floor. I loved how at one moment it could be a frozen sea and another a map of St. Petersburg.

I feel like they did a great job of focusing on what they had and what they could do with those resources. That being said the floor and the open space above was used really well! Another moment that stood out to me was the performance to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. It was just a really unique and different take that I wouldn’t have thought to do. That being said I actually used one of Tchaikovsky’s songs for a project last semester! There is so much to cover on the opening ceremony, I could spend days on it but these are the moments that really stood out to me. I hope you guys enjoyed this post since it’s a little different from what I usually blog about on here! What was your favorite moment? Missed it? Check it out below! Then check out the cute matryoshka!

Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony:

Russian Doll article:

Sochi Olympics SnowboardOLY-2014-SKI-SLOPESTYLE-TRAINING

Traveling in Style!

Hey everyone! I actually found this story on my Facebook newsfeed and I thought it was a really nice example of redesigning something so that its more functional. Pete Smart is a designer who was inspired to redesign one of his boarding passes and create a more user-friendly version. What amazed me the most about this was that without omitting any crucial information he was able to create a really clear and organized boarding pass that still manages to look appealing. I feel like boarding passes are more confusing than they need to be. With this organized layout you can actually find the information you need quickly.

I also like the use of images in his redesign and the use of color. The pass he created was for Virgin and I really like how the logo is incorporated. I keep looking at the old one and I’ve realized that I really don’t even want to take time to read it. It looks like a bunch of jumbled information and that makes me just scan over it and want to move on. I love how he designed this and hopefully it will promote some changes that would benefit everyone!


Regular Boarding Pass


Pete Smart’s Design


New Year, New Semester!

Hi everyone! I’ve started another semester of school so that means more consistent blogging, yay! I was pretty busy over break, more than I wanted to be, so I kind of took a break from blogging for awhile. I’ve been back at school for two weeks now so a post is going to go up very soon! I just wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to and why I disappeared for a little while. I’ve already started so interesting projects so I’ll be sharing my process on some of these with you guys so you can kind of see the things I’ve been doing! Thats all for now but see you guys soon!

Final Project, Finally!

Hey everyone! Well its the end of the semester, which means finals! I had all of my finals this week and I wanted to post an update of what my end result was for my project. Overall I’m really happy with how this turned out and I’d like to do more over break and in the future. I felt like I really learned a lot of new things in this class and I know I’ll learn more by just working with the programs over break. Like I said I think this is my favorite final of the semester, I just think it really represents Grace Kelly very well if I say so myself! Below are my digital finals!

Final Project Update!

I just wanted to make a quick update on how my final project is going. I had to make some adjustments when it came to the content and the look I was going for. After looking at different magazine spreads I was able to stick with one style to create the spread I wanted. Instead of creating so many sections I felt that one large article with pull quotes would be more effective with the image I selected. I really wanted to incorporate some of the elements from my “intro” page so I made sure to keep my typefaces the same to give the article a consistent look. So far so good, I’ll post the final digital file once I’m finished!