A Drawing a Day…

Hey everyone,

I know its been awhile since I last blogged but I’ve had a pretty busy couple weeks. First I had finals and that whole lovely time of the semester and then I had my wisdom teeth removed. If you follow me on Twitter you already kind of know some of this stuff. Anyway, I’m still recovering but I wanted to do a post since the end of the year is coming up fast! One of my goals for this winter break was to start drawing more often. Starting January 1st I’m going to a drawing a day challenge to really commit to this goal. I may also post my sketches/drawings on my Twitter and Instagram depending on how this goes. I want to squeeze in one more special and final post for the year but for now back to today’s topic!

I found this inspiring article about seventeen-year-old Mandy Wang and her drawing journey. In one year she was able to transform and enhance her drawings by simply practicing on a regular basis. It’s really amazing how much her drawings transformed over that little bit of time. Seeing this has really encouraged me to do the 30 day drawing challenge and hopefully make it more of a habit. You can check out the article below where you’ll find more information on Wang and her process! Until next time!

Link to article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/29/teen-disney-artist_n_6390644.html


Friends with the monster…

Hey everyone! I can across a really unique artistic interpretation of various types of mental illness. That being said I’m in no way trying to trivialize mental illness because it is a very serious disease that many people suffer from. I just wanted to share how an artist interpreted these illnesses through an artistic form. From what I know about the artist, Toby Allen,  he has suffered from social anxiety and he wanted a way to express his feelings through art. When I first saw this I thought of it as not only art but as a form of therapy. Writing has always been a good way for me to express my feelings and just get them out because I can write whatever I want without having to have anyone see or be judged. I thought this was a great idea as a form of therapy and releasing some of the feelings we may have some times. I also think to turn them into monsters was a good choice as well. Often what we think of a monster is something that seems scary to us or that we don’t understand. Mental illness is highly stigmatized and many people still don’t even believe it is a true illness. I think that by creating more awareness and hopefully reaching out to others and offering compassion instead of judgment. Anyway I hope you guys like these and are inspired by them, I think it’d be a great exercise for any artist because we all have things in our lives that act as “monsters”. Below will be a link to the entire article but I’ll have my favorites on this post. Until next time guys!

3018089-slide-s-8-real-monsters-gives-nightmarish-face-to-mental-illness 3018089-slide-s-5-real-monsters-gives-nightmarish-face-to-mental-illness 3018089-slide-s-1-real-monsters-gives-nightmarish-face-to-mental-illness

Link to article: http://www.fastcocreate.com/3018089/schizophrenia-paranoia-depression-and-other-mental-illness-brought-to-life-as-real-monsters#1

Taking a Closer Look

Hey everyone! No pretty pictures for this post, I hope you don’t mind! I just wanted to talk about something that has really helped me with my drawing recently. I’m taking a sculpture class this semester and we had to use clay to create an eye, ear, or nose as part of a project. I haven’t worked with clay very much in college but I loved using it in elementary school so I was eager to get into this project. I chose an eye just because I have this weird obsession with wanting to draw realistic eyes, I don’t know what that says about me but there are stranger things I suppose. First we had to do drawings of an eye from observation and we had to use three different views.

I have always looked at the front of the eye but the other sides are equally important and something I never really paid attention to. By doing this exercise and creating my eye and eyebrow I came out with a pretty nice looking eye. I didn’t add much detail because I liked it as it is but by physically making the eye I’ve been able to really think about how the eyeball fits into the lid, etc. It really has helped my drawing so I got several good things out of this project. I don’t have a  picture but I may take one to show you guys! That’s all for now, until next time!

Getting Drawn In

Hey everyone!  I found this really cool artist a little while back and I wanted to include him in one of my posts. His name is Ben Heine and he’s a photographer and illustrator.  I thought it was really interesting how he was able to combine the photography and his drawing skills. I really like this approach and since I like both photography and drawing this interested me. It was a nice way to incorporate both of his talents into one piece of work.

These drawings also add a nice effect to the photographs and add another level of interest. He does some in color but most of them are black and white which is what I actually prefer. I think having the drawing in black and white makes me feel like I’m seeing what’s beneath the surface in these photos. It’s almost as if the colored portion of the photo is the surface and we’re peaking underneath. I thought these were really well done and I wanted to share them with you guys. Below are my favorites but I’ll also include a link below to the article I found on him. Until next time!

4561195225_839d20d8eb_n 4607621642_96e1c27d66_n 7486319972_d270214719_n

Link to article: http://blog.flickr.net/2013/09/27/photographer-literally-draws-life-into-his-photos/

What’s your Style?

I used to get tongue-tied whenever someone would ask me to describe my style mostly because I didn’t know! Sure I knew what kind of artwork I liked but at the time it seemed like my interests and likes were all over the place. It really frustrated me because if someone asked me to describe my work I couldn’t give them a proper description. So this summer I set out to find a way to discover my artistic style and solve my problem once and for all. One of the things about me is I’m more of a visual learner, sure I can learn things by just reading but I prefer to have some kind of visual or someone to actually show me something.

This leads me to YouTube, there are TONS of artists creating videos with advice, reviews, and tutorials relating to art. YouTube is the main site that I start searching if I want to learn how to do something or just discover tips and tricks. To get to the point I found a YouTuber that created a video about finding your own illustration style and breaking your artist block. This video really helped me come up with a way of organizing artwork I liked and finding out what my style is. You guys can check out the video for the method she uses but I’m going to tell you what I did here.

As many of you know I am addicted to Pinterest so that seemed like the perfect place to collect different types of artwork and keep them all together. After I got that solved I had to make some criteria for this board, I already had  an Art I ❤ love board so I had to find a way to distinguish the two. I decided that anything I saw that I’d like to recreate or that gave me ideas for something I could do in my own art would go on the new Artistic Inspiration board (which is my Style board). After that I went through a bunch of images and placed them accordingly. After I had a good amount I was able to view them all together and compare the artwork, seeing what was similar or different. What characteristics kept coming forward? What mediums was I drawn to?

After making comparisons and contrasting the pieces I was able to find my Style! What I found out was that I tend to like soft artwork, meaning light applications of mediums, soft lines, I was also drawn to a lot a lot pieces created with colored pencils and watercolor. It was really interesting and I think I learned a lot about myself. You can check out my board here: http://pinterest.com/melissam177/artistic-inspiration/ , please feel free to leave any comments on what you guys think! Until next time!

Scratch That

Hey everyone! I found some really cool scratch board art that I think will really blow you way. At first I thought these wereEye On You paintings but I later found out that this artwork was a result of etching a scratch board and applying paint later. I always remember doing these scratch boards in elementary school and having a lot of fun with them so I’d really like to try this out this summer. It also reminds me a bit of printmaking without the process of it. I really like these but I think the owl is my favorite with the cheetah/jaguar being a very close second! I just love the feathers so much, even though the jaguar seems executed better.

The attention to detail in the cheetah/jaguar is really amazing though! I’m so jealous, I wish I could do something with that much detail but for now I just have to keep practicing! Unfortunately I dont’ know who created the owl but I do know who created the cheetah and his name is Chris Perry. He has some other photos and what not on his website so I’ll give you guys the link to check out! Until next time!

Chris Perry’s website: http://wildsidegalleries.com/index.htm

Scribble Portraits?

Hey everyone! I came across two artists that create portraits by scribbling and they are pretty impressive! 977b-illustrationI found it amazing how realistic these portraits came out to be since the were made by just scribbling. I haven’t seen anything quite like this before and it thought it was a really unique outcome to something that pretty much everyone has been doing since the could pick up a pen. The artists are twin brothers Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyev. Their portraits include the images of celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.

The use various colored pens and pencils to create these amazing portraits. My favorites are the portraits of Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, they just seem a bit clearer and they make you forget for a second that these are just a bunch of strategically arranged scribbles. I guess I just prefer a clearer picture than some of the other pieces where the doodles are a bit more noticeable but that’s just my opinion. Besides this art being so unique I thought it also sent a good message to artists or beginning artists. It shows you that you don’t need fancy or expensive supplies to create artwork, something as simple as a pen can create something amazing.977d-illustration

Don’t tell anyone but when I was younger I was always drawing and doodling during class; fortunately for me I was able to stay tuned in at the same time. A lot of  the time I would use a pen, mostly because I never liked writing in pencil that much, but that’s what I used to create most of my earliest little doodles. It just goes to show you that even if you can’t afford to be buying all these art supplies you can still create art! I know I personally went through a little phase of thinking I needed this and that but I know better now and these pieces prove it.

You can check out more here: http://theinspirationgrid.com/?paged=2#scribble-portraits-by-sergei-vyacheslav-savelyev

Si Scott

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been slacking on this blog lately however I’ve had some things come up that I’m still working through. That being said I’m going to try to do the two posts a week however it’s not something I’m going to promise so just letting you guys know! Anyway, enough of that. What I really want to talk about is a new artist that I found, Si Scott. Si Scott is an artist who focuses on design, illustration, and typography.

Three major aspects that I’ve been really into lately. I found his work on Behance.net and not only did I find photographs of his pieces, there are also videos! I really love watching videos of artists at work, it’s amazing to their process and how they create their artwork. What really attracted me to Si’s work was how fluid and scriptural his work is. I love the curls and curves in script and to see the same principles be used to create something like the figure of animal is really amazing.

Although I do like his series of animals I also really like a map that he created for The Enemy Tour, which you can see more of on his portfolio page. I had a project earlier in the semester where we had to creat a perfect letterform. At first it was a little tedious but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I also learned how hard it is to creat a nice crisp line, but it was still fun to do. A think the use of black and white works really well within the pieces too. I dont’ see any need of color or variations of black or white in these, they’re very crisp and beautiful they way they are. I posted a few of my favorites here but check out Si’s portfolio at Behance.net to see more.

See his portfolio here and remember to check out The Enemy Tour videos!: http://www.behance.net/siscott

Surfing for Inspiration

Hey Everyone! Today’s post is a little different because I’m going to be talking about website rather than an artist or a piece of art. I’m always looking for new sites to find inspiration for my own work and this blog too! I found a great website that gives you a daily dose of inspiration at your fingertips. The website is called The Inspiration Grid and what it does is it display a bunch of photos daily for you to look through.

If you’re looking for something specific you also narrow down your choices and search categories like art. design, illustration, and even fashion. I really like this website because I can easily look through the photos of these pieces and narrow things down to find what I want. I also like how if you click on one of the pieces you get to see the other pieces in the series that the artist has created. From there you can even look at their portfolio or any other links associated with artist(s). I think this website is a great tool if your browsing around the web for inspiration and I think it’s going to really come in hand for this blog! I hope you guys found this useful and if you want to check out the site you can go to http://theinspirationgrid.com .

3D Drawings!

Hey everyone! The past week was a good one for art being spotlighted around the web! I found some really interesting stuff including this slide show of art that pops out of the page. Okay, it doesn’t really pop out and it’s not really 3D but it looks 3D. Take a look for yourself. These drawings are amazing, they really inspire me to keep drawing.

They actually look like they’re coming out of the page, it’s really incredible. One of the things I really like about this artist’s work in particular is that they often use multiple pieces of paper for the drawings. I think it’s a really interesting twist and it seems to add a little more depth to the pieces themselves. I also like how the artist uses color as well. Don’t get me wrong, I like the traditional grey pencils against a white background but the colors come out really beautifully.

The artist also includes themself in the piece which I think is what really adds to the 3D effect. It’s so much easier to believe that thing drawings are popping out when you have a hand suggesting it. The artist behind this magic is Ramon Bruin and he has a lot of cool stuff on his website so I highly recommend you go check that out. The photos I included here are a few of my favorites, but it was really how to narrow it down! I really love the use of shadow in these, especially in the second and third one. If you want to see the yahoo slide show you can click here: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/amazing-3d-art-tricks-the-eye-slideshow/3d-art-photo-1351004295.html or if you want to check out the artist’s website click on any of the photos or here: http://www.jjkairbrush.nl/home/ Until next time!