Monopoly Makeover

Monopoly, the popular board game played by millions is going to get a new high-tech makeover. I can’t say I’m happy with this, I’m actually kind of sad. Like most things monopoly is going to get digital. This means no more colorful paper money, no Chance and Community Chest cards and no dice. Not only that but you don’t need to think for yourself because the computer tower in the center of the board will tell you what to do the whole time! So what do YOU do? Not much. Yes you still have to decide what properties to purchase and move your little pawn around the board, the only object that they didn’t computerize, but

Why does the tower remind me of Lord of the Rings?

 that’s basically it. To me this isn’t even a game, you basically just sit there waiting for the computer tower to tell you want to do. Although it sounds boring to me I’m sure someone will love this but I feel the whole spirit of the game is gone. The tower also looks a bit foreboding and like something from the Lord of the Rings. Maybe that creepy all-seeing eye is in there somewhere too. Monopoly is one of the games I grew up playing and that I still play with my family today. This also makes me worried for future generations and what they may miss out on. I can’t imagine having kids someday and playing a game where no thought or real decisions are made. I realize this is just a game but I’ve had a lot of good memories with this game and wanted to pass them on. Boo to you Hasbro 😦

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