Beautiful Brands!

Hi Everyone! I recently came across some really great artwork using brand names as inspiration. I found this through Pinterest, surprise, and I really like them. They’re really well done and are really beautiful. The designs have a floral pattern to all of them and they are a bit similar but the incorporation of color and the black splatters give them some individuality. I also really like how the kind of have an old/antique look to them. I like how some of the words such as Christian Dior are given a kind of old/faded feeling to it. Another thing I like is how the colors used kind of blend or clash together. You can see in some of the designs that the colors blend in certain parts and other times there is more of a dramatic change. The Alexander McQueen one is definitely one of my favorites, I love the red the Q! I also like the YSL one a lot too, I just love the colors in the piece. I liked all of these so much that I actually got some inspiration for a project I just recently finished for my graphic design class. Unfortunately the inspiration was a bit late, everything was due and handed in by the time I found this, but at least I have ideas for future projects! Better late than never I guess. These really inspired me and I definitely want to do some sketches soon! Unfortunately my right hand feels like it’s about to kick the bucket soon so it may have to wait a couple more days! Check out the link here: to see larger versions. See you next time!

Lovely Logos: The End!

Here it is the last lovely logos! The first logo I’m going to look at is from the company Shirt Pepper. One reason I like this logo is because of shirt pepper, or is it pepper shirt? I like how well the company name was incorporated into the logo; I felt that by just seeing this logo I would be able to easily remember which company it belonged to. I also liked that a t-shirt was involved in the logo because it made me know that this was probably a t-shirt company without needing to read the logo. It let me know right up the bat that this company had something to do with t-shirts. The colors were also good, I liked how everything was keep red and green with looking too Christmas-like. I also liked that the p in pepper wasn’t capitalized, I think the spacing between shirt would have been too far if it had been. Something I don’t like about the text is that it seems kind of squished together. I feel like maybe if it was stretched out a bit more I would have liked it better. Other than that I think this is a pretty nice logo!

Shirt Pepper

The next logo is from Chil Up and I like this logo because its simple but appealing. I like how the chile was also incorporated into this logo as the letter i. The thing I don’t really like is that this logo doesn’t tell me much about the company as the logo above does. I still like this logo but not as much as the top one. I have to say that I do like the background of this one better, it just seems brighter and more eye-catching to me but that’s probably just my personal preference. The type isn’t anything special but I like it enough. Good logo overall!

Chil Up logo

This is the end of Lovely Logos but the blogging will continue! 😀

Free Mortgage?

A free mortgage? Impossible right? Wrong. The company Adzookie has thought up a new and unique way to advertise for their company and give homeowners a free mortgage. The company is planning to advertise their business by painting houses with an advertisement representing  Adzookie is willing to pay the

An example of what the house may look like

mortgage of the homeowners who get their houses painted for every mont that the house stays painted. Personally I think this is a great deal for homeowner’s with a really tight budget and who may need the help. A lot of other people also agree because Adzookie has gotten over 1,000 applications already and they’ll probably get even more with the publicity they’re getting from doing this. The publicity will not only mean more applicants but also more visits to their website and an increased general interest in the company.  So as far as advertising goes I think this was a great idea to get their company noticed. As for the design fo the houses it isn’t bad; it’s not overly cluttered or painted in neon colors. Plus your mortgage is getting paid for so can you really complain about the design? I just really wanted to talk about this because its such a great way of advertising, at least I think so. 🙂

Learn more  here:

Lovely Logos: Part 7!

For this week we’ll start off with a logo from Posh My Pup. The reason I like this one is because of the dog image and type used. I like how the dog is a little scruffy looking but also looks more posh with the bow-tie. It gives me the feeling that this service is for all kinds of dogs, even the more scruffy ones, and is therefore affordable. I think that if another breed was used, like a well-groomed poodle, that this would have made the company seem more expensive or for the elite. I also like how the type is playful and includes a paw print. I think it backs up the idea that this an affordable company that is for anyone, or dog 🙂 I don’t like how the line of the background that the dog and logo are on stands out. I feel like since the backgrounds are pretty much the same color that only one of the them should have been used. That or change one of the colors.

Posh My Pup logo

The next one is from Dog Click Training and I also really like the graphic of the dog in this logo too. If I don’t know what kind of website this was from the text I would know by just looking at the dog. I like how the little hand is kind of training the dog and I think it adds some curiosity to what the website is about. It made me wonder if the website had videos on how to train your dog or just articles or tips. I like the border around the graphic on this logo more than the other site above but it still has some issues. I like how the sides blend out into the other background but I wished all of the sides of the border around the logo did this. The top and bottom edges of the background around the logo are harsh and don’t blend into the other background. I would have just liked them to blend a little bit more.

Check out the rest here:

Lovely Logos: Part 6!

Two more logos today but I also made a decision today. Since I want to just move onto something new I decided to cut down the logos I’m going to review. The main reason is I’m kind of getting bored and want to move onto other things. I will be critiquing a couple more but those will probably be made up of ones I really like. That being said, let’s get going! The first logo is from Blooming Lens, I really like that this design is simple yet unique. I love the flower made out of film! Besides the fact that its cute I think it pairs really well with the name of the company. The text of the logo is also simple but has a sophisticated look to it. I also like the color choices, especially adding gray to the center of the flower versus black. I kind of wish it wasn’t so tilted, I’m not sure why but it kind of bugs me, otherwise no other complaintsAnother logo I really like is the one for Strada Film. There’s just something about the way the pieces of film pull you inwards that I really like. I also like the overall look of the film strips. I love the type used in this logo, it’s just really professional looking and makes me feel like this is a really big and prestigious company. I kind of wish the film strips were aligned so that they would make more of  an upside down V-shaped in the center. I just feel like the strips pull me in and then there’s just this blank black space for me to look at. I feel like that if they want to pull me in but not let me see what is ahead they should make it look like there’s more to come. For me this kind of like drawing a road, it needs to look like it continues. I still really like this one though.

These next couple ones I won’t say much about but I really liked how the film stripes were used to make other objects. Each of these had their own uniqueness and I felt were very creative!

Lovely Logos: Part 5!

The first logo I’m going to look at is from Brand Events. One of the things that I really like is the tie and how it’s been filled in with multi-color polka dots. The polka dots make the tie seem more playful and party-like. I also really liked how the words Brand and Events were different; the word Events was made of different color letters which tied back to the tie 😀 and the theme of fun. To me this logo made me feel like the company could be fun or serious depending on the event. This is great because it attracts different types of people who want a certain mood. That being said, I really liked this design!

The next design is from the Albatros Corporation and I has, what I think, is a very eye-catching logo. I really like how the bird is incorporated in the design; it has a really modern look to it and I love the touch of green. I also really love the type used for the company and the word corporation; it just give the logo more of a professional and almost exotic look. For some reason I would have really liked for this to be an airline because I think the look would really suit one! Overall great design!

The link:

Lovely Logos: Part 4!

The first logo I’m going to be looking at is for planb holdings. The logo is very simple and I like how the three colors overlap and come together but the logo doesn’t really seem to relate to the name of the company. It kind of looks like the letter b but I’m not sure if its supposed to be a b or not. I don’t know, the logo just doesn’t seem relevant to the company. When I look at  this logo by itself I don’t make a connection towards the company. I know that the logo doesn’t have to be so literal but when I think of the Elmer’s glue logo and how universally known it is I can’t help but compare them. I would have also liked the b in planb to stand out a little more so that it doesn’t look like one word like it does on here. I have to say I didn’t really like this design too much.

planb holdings logo

Next is the logo for StelMM Asset Management and I do like this one more than the last one. One reason is the type used for the logo. It just gives me the feeling of being strong, impenetrable, and safe. At first I was trying to find an S out of the logo but when I changed my perspective I saw that it was sideways M, which made sense. I also like how the logo is bigger than the name of the company, it just drew my attention to the logo and then down to the company name. I thought this was a good idea because for myself personally if I see and interesting logo I want to know more about the company it’s for. I thought this one was pretty good!

StelMM Logo

Once again the link!:

Lovely Logos: Part 3!

The next set of logos I’m going to look at involve…you guessed it…some sort of quote! The first logo is for the company QuoteBuilder. I have to say that when I look at it I do get a feeling of construction, like something being built. I think the colors really remind me, for some reason, of tools. The logo makes me think about the tools my own father has and I instantly connect the logo, regardless of the hammer, to tools or construction. I thought that the color choice was very good since I got the connection just from the combination of colors. I also liked how part of the head of the hammer was a different color than the rest of it. It clearly places focus on the quotation mark in the hammer. It also makes more a connection between the quotation mark and the word quote. Overall I think its a very successful design in getting its point across.

QuoteBuilder Logo

The second logo is from Fuel Quoter and I also really like how the quotation mark is used here. This time the quotation mark is used as the end of a gas pump and the O in the Quoter is made to look like a drop of gasoline. The green against the yellow grabs my attention and make me focus on the company name. The yellow also isn’t too bright for me, which is good because I don’t want to be blinded. This logo is pretty simple but I like it and the way the quotation mark is used. If anything, these logos are showing me how many things you can do with one quotation mark, the possibilities are endless!

Fuel Quoter Logo

Once again, the link to these is here:

Lovely Logos: Part 3!

The first logo I’m going to look at for this post is for a company called Job Quote. Before I continue I can’t help but wonder if the writer of the article I’m getting this list of logos from has a quotation fetish. It seems that the majority of these “28 Beautiful and Modern logotypes…” have a quotation mark or have something to do with quotes. Just saying. I actually do like the logo for Job Quote, it was one of the few that stood out to me when I was glancing at the logos. I like that used a quotation mark, once again, and made it look like a briefcase by adding a little handle at the top. The type does add a professional and user-friendly kind of look which is a plus. I like the clean white background too, it makes the type and graphic pop. I thought this logo was pretty good overall. Nothing that special but it give me the impression of a website that is easy to use.

JobQuote logo

Depending on what I find I might take a temporary break from these but we’ll see! To see the full list and what’s coming next visit the article here:

Lovely Logos: Part 2!

Here is my second batch of lovely logos! Today we’ll start with What is Love? I really love this design and I’m not too sure why because there isn’t too much to look at. I think that the adorable heart made out of question marks is to blame. I love how this company did something similar to What the Duck (see last blog post) by using the question mark as part of its logo. I like something they did differently from them as well, which was included the question mark in the name of the company instead of , from what I’m guessing, implying the logo as the question mark to complete the name. At this point I’m not sure if What the Duck uses a question mark in its name or not but What the Duck does sound like a question. But maybe I’m just looking to much into this. I also like the type that is used in this design, its simple and bold. The capital letters also make me feel like this is an important question/name. I also like the plain white background, it makes the design really stand out. Overall I really liked this design and I’m left wondering if I have a think for question marks.

What is Love?

Two Thumbs Up is the next logo I took a look at and I also like the use of commas (or quotation marks?) in the logo. At first I thought the thumbs were just some shapes created to look like a thumbs up but when I looked at the image more I realized that these were actually quotations. I thought this was actually a very appropriate choice because I’m guessing, just by looking at the name, that this is some kind of review site. To  be honest I’m not really sure how I feel about this logo, I kind of like it but I kind of don’t. I’m not sure what exactly I don’t like or would change ( maybe the type?) but this isn’t one of my favorite designs.

Logo of Two Thumbs Up