Lovely Logos

I recently came across a list of 28 beautiful and modern logos that I thought would make a good blog topic. I’m not sure how many I’ll do per post ( it depends on how much I have to say about each) but for the next couple blogs I’ll be focusing on these unless something else temporarily catches my eye. The first logo is by Stellar Quotes and is pretty stellar itself. I like the simplicity and colors of this design. I also like the type used for the name of the company, it makes the company seem fun and whimsical. I also like how the background is black and really makes the colors of the quotation mark stand out. It also helps the viewer focus on the company’s name, which is in white. This is a very simple and very nice design overall!

stellarquotes logo

The next logo is from What the Duck? I think this logo is pretty creative and very cute. I like the idea of have a duck reshaped into looking like a question mark, I think its very unique. The logo also makes me want to check out the website and see what this company is about. I also like how the duck has a kind of glow behind it but I can’t help but wonder if the logo might even look better without the glow. I thought the text fit in with the logo very well, it was kind of  cartoony but I thought it was okay seeing as I can’t think of another type to replace it with. Overall I really like the duck question mark but everything else was just okay for me.

What the Duck logo


Before I knew…

This post is going to a be a bit different from what I usually put on here but that’s okay, I think. This is more personal and how I am unknowingly drawn to design and graphic design in general. When I was a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian. That didn’t work out so well considering I learned what I had to actually do when a dog just couldn’t get better. What I never considered doing, until high school, was designing or pursuing a degree in graphic design. Every since I was little I would like things just because of their packaging or because of the cool designs they had. Take my school supplies for example, I had to pick out folders and notebooks with designs. I hated having plain notebooks, folder, pencil cases and even pencils. Everything had to have some design, that I approved of, on it. Looking back I always loved designs and designing things I just never paid attention to it. I think I first got into design during my freshman year in high school. I had just become one of the school’s peer mediators and they were holding a contest for the design of the club’s tee shirts. I’m not sure why I entered actually, I wasn’t that good at drawing but I was decent. I have a mild suspicion that it had something to do with extra credit or looking good on a college application down the road. I gave it my best shot; I drew the schools mascot, a jaguar, positioning his or her two fingers in a peace symbol. I also gave it a cute wink and smile and around the bottom rim of the shirt was a saying I made up but can’t remember right now. My design won. I couldn’t believe it, the principal had chosen my design to represent the club that year. I remember how proud I was when I saw the other members of the club wearing the shirts I had designed. At the time that wasn’t enough to convince me I might have a knack for design but I’m a graphic design major now and that’s what counts. ;D : A Website Review

This website is different from most of the websites I’ve looked at but that’s also the reason that I wanted to review it. What makes this website different from most websites I’ve talked about it the fact that it is only made up of one page. The website does have several tab-like graphics for you to click on but all they do is take you down lower on the page. I thought that this was a pretty nice feature since, for what I can find, the artist/designer doesn’t have much content to show. To me it makes more sense to keep the few examples of the person’s work on one page than having 3-4 examples on a separate page than the main page. For me having everything on one page makes it feel like there is more content, in this case, rather than spreading a little bit everywhere. The design of the website itself is simple but it works for the content of the page, which is the main focus. I also like the text on the site next to the graphics, it’s a fun and hispanic-like text that I don’t see too often. The logo is okay but I think I would have liked it more have the space in the a, b, and e had been shaded in too. I like how the small saying at the bottom was created too regarding the various kinds of type. I thought it was a nice and simple website but there are some things I would probably make minor changes to.

Flashy Floors

This post is a little weird, but maybe that’s because the article is also kind of weird. I found an article online talking about the Oregon State University basketball floor, I told you this is a weird post. To be honest I’m not much of a sports fan and the only sports I can really get into when watching are soccer and football. Nevertheless I still wanted to see what this article was about especially since it has something to do with design. It’s hard to tell from looking at the picture but apparently whenever there is a game going on its hard

See the big glare?

 for the viewers to watch the game due to the glare from the floor. Big problem. I remember sitting in class in elementary school and whenever we tried to watch a movie or use the T.V. an annoying glare would be cast on it. Now that can’t be that bad compared to trying to actually play a game with laser-like glare following you around. Not only is it frustrating for the players but also for the viewers trying to watch the game on T.V. I actually do like the design even though it is a little too busy. I think it’s a really nice and unique design but I also think it’s not practical. This is a court people play games on, and the design shouldn’t interfere with that. I think, from what I’ve read, the problem is how the lighting hits against the floor. I’m not too sure about the process of getting the graphic onto the floor but I would think they would have to put the lighting into effect during the process. To me it just doesn’t seem too well thought out.  I also found another article that parodies the design but these are way too busy for me. You have to admit that someone having the Colonel on their court would be kind of funny and cool.

Check the link to see the Colonel:

See the Oregon floor here: