What’s your Style?

I used to get tongue-tied whenever someone would ask me to describe my style mostly because I didn’t know! Sure I knew what kind of artwork I liked but at the time it seemed like my interests and likes were all over the place. It really frustrated me because if someone asked me to describe my work I couldn’t give them a proper description. So this summer I set out to find a way to discover my artistic style and solve my problem once and for all. One of the things about me is I’m more of a visual learner, sure I can learn things by just reading but I prefer to have some kind of visual or someone to actually show me something.

This leads me to YouTube, there are TONS of artists creating videos with advice, reviews, and tutorials relating to art. YouTube is the main site that I start searching if I want to learn how to do something or just discover tips and tricks. To get to the point I found a YouTuber that created a video about finding your own illustration style and breaking your artist block. This video really helped me come up with a way of organizing artwork I liked and finding out what my style is. You guys can check out the video for the method she uses but I’m going to tell you what I did here.

As many of you know I am addicted to Pinterest so that seemed like the perfect place to collect different types of artwork and keep them all together. After I got that solved I had to make some criteria for this board, I already had  an Art I ❤ love board so I had to find a way to distinguish the two. I decided that anything I saw that I’d like to recreate or that gave me ideas for something I could do in my own art would go on the new Artistic Inspiration board (which is my Style board). After that I went through a bunch of images and placed them accordingly. After I had a good amount I was able to view them all together and compare the artwork, seeing what was similar or different. What characteristics kept coming forward? What mediums was I drawn to?

After making comparisons and contrasting the pieces I was able to find my Style! What I found out was that I tend to like soft artwork, meaning light applications of mediums, soft lines, I was also drawn to a lot a lot pieces created with colored pencils and watercolor. It was really interesting and I think I learned a lot about myself. You can check out my board here: http://pinterest.com/melissam177/artistic-inspiration/ , please feel free to leave any comments on what you guys think! Until next time!

Oh my Oil…part 2!


Hey everyone, I know its been awhile but I’m back! I have definitely been taking advantage of summer break and working on some stuff for this blog. However now that its been really hot and the air conditioner is dead I thought it was a perfect time to start blogging again! I also came across some really cool paintings so I really had no excuse. I find that lately I’ve really been drawn to realism and I’ve probably mentioned that before but its something that I’m drawn to.

I feel like I’m still finding out my own style as an artist and I love the look of a realistic painting or drawing. In fact I kind of freaked out recently because after what seems like years I finally feel I perfected the eye. Yes I am that obsessed. I won’t talk too much about that though since that is for a later post! Anyway I thought that these paintings had a really nice look to them and they captured that reality along with something else I can’t really put my finger on. I also appreciate how these still have a painting aspect to them, they don’t look like a photograph which is okay but I find this work stands out a bit more because it doesn’t try to be something else.These paintings were created by Claire Duguid and I think they are really nicely done. It always amazes me how you can’t see the paintbrush strokes but I guess practice makes perfect! Including on here are my favorites but I put a link to the others as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this; until next time!

Claire Duguid with one of her paintings

Scratch That

Hey everyone! I found some really cool scratch board art that I think will really blow you way. At first I thought these wereEye On You paintings but I later found out that this artwork was a result of etching a scratch board and applying paint later. I always remember doing these scratch boards in elementary school and having a lot of fun with them so I’d really like to try this out this summer. It also reminds me a bit of printmaking without the process of it. I really like these but I think the owl is my favorite with the cheetah/jaguar being a very close second! I just love the feathers so much, even though the jaguar seems executed better.

The attention to detail in the cheetah/jaguar is really amazing though! I’m so jealous, I wish I could do something with that much detail but for now I just have to keep practicing! Unfortunately I dont’ know who created the owl but I do know who created the cheetah and his name is Chris Perry. He has some other photos and what not on his website so I’ll give you guys the link to check out! Until next time!

Chris Perry’s website: http://wildsidegalleries.com/index.htm

Maya Hayuk

Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_11 Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_06 Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_12 Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_13Hey Everyone! I wanted to do a post about an artist I recently discovered! You may or may not already know this from my previous posts but I love bright colors in artwork. Some of my favorite works of art use bright colors which is probably why I like Maya Hayuk’s work so much. I love the bright energetic colors she uses and the beautiful patterns she creates in her paintings and other pieces. The article I read about her describes her work as “kaleidoscopic” and I think they hit the nail on head with that description. Her pieces really do remind me of something you might see while looking through a kaleidoscope, which I loved doing as a kid.

Another aspect of her art that I appreciate is that the geometric shapes she uses aren’t perfect, they’re perfectly imperfect. The paintings shown clearly display the tracks left by drops of paint that traveled downwards along the surface and I really like that aspect. Sometimes I like I try to make my work completely flawless and look perfect even though that’s impossible. I think that the streaks from the wet paint that dripped down really add a great aspect to these pieces. It almost gives you the sense that these paintings are continuous or have some sort of motion to them.

I really love the combinations of all of these colors and how they integrate and overlap with each other. I also think that I like the pieces against a black background rather than a white or colored one. The colors used are so bright and I think they really pop against a black background. As always I’ll post a link to article and post images of my favorites on here. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll try to keep the posts coming!

Read the article here: http://patternbank.com/maya-hayuk-kaleidoscopic-artistry/

Surfing for Inspiration

Hey Everyone! Today’s post is a little different because I’m going to be talking about website rather than an artist or a piece of art. I’m always looking for new sites to find inspiration for my own work and this blog too! I found a great website that gives you a daily dose of inspiration at your fingertips. The website is called The Inspiration Grid and what it does is it display a bunch of photos daily for you to look through.

If you’re looking for something specific you also narrow down your choices and search categories like art. design, illustration, and even fashion. I really like this website because I can easily look through the photos of these pieces and narrow things down to find what I want. I also like how if you click on one of the pieces you get to see the other pieces in the series that the artist has created. From there you can even look at their portfolio or any other links associated with artist(s). I think this website is a great tool if your browsing around the web for inspiration and I think it’s going to really come in hand for this blog! I hope you guys found this useful and if you want to check out the site you can go to http://theinspirationgrid.com .

Emma Hack

Hey Everyone! I saw an article about a week ago on Yahoo about a car created out of human bodies.

Got your attention, huh? Don’t worry Halloween is over so its nothing like that, they people are alive and well.The article was about artist Emma Hack and how she creates artwork that includes the human body in some way within her pieces.

On her website, the link will be down below, she is described as a skin illustrator, photographer, sculptor, and a diverse multimedia artist. For the Yahoo article a group of models were mashed together (this still sounds creepy doesn’t it?) to create the form of a crashed car.

The ways they were positioned alone is impressive but the way the bodies are painted really adds a sense of realism  to the piece. The wheels and the part where the hood has been pushed up a bit are really amazing. I liked this work so much that I had to look the artist up and her work is really creative. It’s amazing how easily she is able to blend the person into the background so that they are almost invisible.

I also find that her work is very design oriented.It’s not like she’s just creating a lot of objects with the bodies, she’s also using design to incorporate them in her pieces.

This can be seen throughout her work, her work seems more design oriented to me which is good because lately I feel I haven’t been covering much design in this blog. I have to say that my favorite pieces are the mandalas that she does. I love how the bodies really become a part of the design. I’ve posted some of my favorites here but if you want to check out more you can go to her website here: http://emmahackartist.com/.

Check out the Yahoo article here: http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/unplugged/amazing-body-art-car-crashing-success-164205367.html

Frida Kahlo

Hi Everyone! I know Frida is a well known artist but I wanted to talk about her a little bit for several reasons. One of them was my goal to highlight some hispanic artists for this month since it is National Hispanic Heritage Month. Another reason I want to talk about her is because she ended up inspiring one of my recent projects for my painting class. For one of our assignments we had to create a self-portrait based of ourselves on the self-portrait of a famous artist. I looked through a lot of artists, and by that I mean it took me hours to decide. Then again thats nothing new for me but still.

I finally took a look at some of Frida’s work and something just sparked. Don’t get me wrong I had seen her work before but this time I just felt a deeper connection and I really wanted to create something based off of her work.I really love the symbolism she uses within her paintings, I feel like they are very telling of how she felt at the time. A lot of the time I really wish I could get inside the artist’s head when I see a piece I really like. Sometimes its not that simple but I felt that the majority of her paintings give us some insight about her as a person.

This aspect really attracted me to her paintings because she painted what she felt. I’m almostdone with my painting and I like how it’s turning out so far so I’m really glad I chose her! I just wanted to make this post to share what’s been inspiring me lately. The couple paintings I’m posting in this blog are the main ones that inspired my painting. I haven’t decided whether or not to post a picture of the painting or not when I finish it but I guess we’ll cross that bridge once we get to it. See you guys next time!

Sylvia Ji

Hey Everyone! I have to say I really love social media sites, especially when you have friends who like to post artwork! One of my friends on Facebook posted a picture of a painting by Sylvia Ji and I knew I had to check out her work asap. One thing I really love, especially around this time of year is sugar skull art. I dont’ know there’s just something about them that really attract me to them. I love the bright colors and all the different design variations people create around these.

I actually made a sugar skull myself once, I think it was in high school, and it was one of my favorite projects ever. I was really happy with the way it came out but since it didn’t dry all the way through, I used some sort of paper mache I think, it got moldy and I had to toss it. I checked out her website and I have to say I love her use of color! These paintings are very vivid and would stop you in your tracks if you were passing by. I also like how she sticks to one color within her paintings besides black and white.

For some of her paintings she uses variations of a color like red throughout the majority of the painting. Its an interesting aspect that I like to maybe try in my own art because I feel like it works so well.  The details and shading are also really beautiful. Some of these paintings include lace and the attention to detail is really amazing. As I mentioned in a previous post I’m taking a painting class so I’m totally blown away by all of the artists I’ve been talkingabout on this blog. She also does some beautiful victorian inspired paintings that I really like as well. I’m so glad my friend posted that one photo because I really love these paintings. I love art that includes a lot of bright and vivid colors so this was up my alley! I hope you guys liked this, till next time!

Pssttt! Click on the photos to visit her website! Or Click here: http://www.sylviaji.com/paintings-2012

Is that Blood?

I have to admit that I never saw this coming. I never would have thought an artist could be so passionate to use their own

blood as paint. Yep, that’s right, blood. Vincent Castiglia is a really amazing artist who has a real personal connection with his art. Not only was the article I found about him interesting but I think it fits in with my Halloween/Fall theme goal pretty darn well!

This method of painting does seem kind of strange at first but I feel like the more I thought about it I kind of get why he does this. I think that this is one of the ultimate ways creating a unique bond between the artist and the art. The use of his blood makes these paintings such a larger part of him and who he is. I know that a lot of people might be on the fence about this but I see it as more of an artistic decision than this being something creepy or weird. That being said in no way would I EVER do this. Needles and I do not mix, it just doesn’t work and I don’t think it ever will. No way would I do that multiple times willingly!

Anyways enough about me and my fear of needles. His artwork is still amazing and the blood just gives it a little extra umph! I feel like it extends his feelings about his art and adds an interesting aspect to it. In a way the use of blood is appropriate because of the subject of his art. He paints a lot of decaying and bloody bodies so it relates to his work. It’s not like he’s drawing a happy clown in blood, the blood relates to the art.

I’ve found that his art is just very interesting to look at regardless about how you feel about the blood. His work is very intriguing and draws you in. Another thing I found really amazing was the details in his work. Blood usually dries pretty fast so I think it’s really incredible how much detail you can get out of it. You can check out the article below and I’ll also include a link to his website so you can check out his work there. As always I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you guys again soon!

Yahoo article: http://news.yahoo.com/using-own-blood-york-artist-paints-resurrection-exhibit-063504135.html

Artist’s website: http://vincentcastigliaart.com/


Creepy Painting Inspiration?

Hey Everyone,

Today’s post is kind of Halloween oriented in the way that I first got this idea from a horror/suspense movie. If you haven’t seen the movie Orphan I won’t spoil it for you! In the movie the orphan that is adopted by the family the movie centers around is a painter and is constantly painting throughout the movie. Towards about the end of the movie we find out that her paintings are not exactly what they seem to be. Over her original paintings she uses a glow in the dark paint to create a totally different painting that you can only see when the lights are all off. Let’s just say that these paintings are umm, much more interesting than the originals. Although these paintings turned out to be really creepy, check out the picture above, the idea of having another hidden painting really interested me. I thought that it’s a really cool idea once you think about it. You’d basically be creating two paintings in one, and I like the idea of having something hidden within the painting. I started doing a  little research on this and I found the video below explaining how to create your own glow in the dark paint! You can check that out here: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Glow-in-the-Dark-Paint .You’d still have to invest in the proper lighting but I still think this is really cool idea. I’m also including a the clip of the movie that reveals the hidden paintings, even though they’re really creepy. Also note that the music is not part of the movie but it was the best clip I could find. I know this post was a little different but I hope you guys liked it anyway!