The Faces of War

Hey everyone! I found a link to these photos and I thought they were a great representation of war and how it can physically change a person. I think a lot of times we don’t understand how much our soldiers go through even if we have a direct connection to someone who has served in the war. We’ve been talking about storytelling through photos in one of my classes and I thought these photos did a great job of telling a story. The change is really amazing in each person in these photos. Although there are a lot of physical differences the eyes of each person really stood out to me.

I think we’ve been through this before but I have a thing about eyes; I don’t know what it is but they are the first thing I notice about a person and I draw them often. One thing I noticed was that the photos taken during their time of service depict their eyes looking lighter and more alert than the before and after photos. To me this makes sense because you have to always be aware of what is going on you can’t let your guard down because your life, as well as the lives of others, depend on it. I thought these photos were really interesting and allowed a lot of insight into what these soldiers go through. The three photos per person are just so different, it’s as if they are different people all together. I wanted to share these photos because I  thought they were really powerful and were a great example of simple storytelling. A link to all the photos will be down below as always. Until next time guys.





A Day in the Life of a Dog

Hey everyone! This is my slideshow for a project that I’m doing in one of  my classes. I decided to do it on a day in the life of my dog. If you want to find out what she does all day take a look for yourself! Hope you enjoy!

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Its in Your Genes!

Hi everyone, I found this article on how a photographer, Ulric Collette, merges two different generations of family members to create a really interesting photograph. Its really amazing how some people look like repeats of an older generation. In the photo below the photographer combined a picture of his mother and daughter and it ended up looking like a photo of one person at different points in life. The resemblance is really amazing. At first I thought this was a picture of one person!

I thought this was a really interesting concept although it might not necessarily work for all family members it could highlight similarities that aren’t really noticeable at first. I’d personally like to look into this more and merge some of my photos with those of my relatives. I think it would be a really interesting project! Below are some of my favorites that I got from his website and the one from the article. I’ll also have links to both down below!



Ulric Collette:

X-ray Photography?

Hey everyone! I found some cool photographs that are actually x-rays of everyday objects. The x-rays were created by Bryan Whitney and they have a really beautiful effect to them. Its funny but I’ve never really thought of x-raying objects other than living things but this artist goes so far as to use a shirt and iron in his work. I really like any work that has to do with flowers but I really loved how beautiful some of the flowers he scanned came out.

I also really like the variation of opacity within these pieces which were created by any overlaps in the object. Adding color to these was also a nice touch I think the images may have gotten lost in just black and white so using color was definitely a good choice. I also couldn’t help but notice how these images look similar to the post I did a long time ago about photographing ink in water. It has the same ghostly feel to it that I liked. My favorites are below, as always, but I’ll put a link to the others down below! Until next time!

c3047ccc-428e-43d6-822e-ac8dc9dd35a6_Rose-X-ray ff058baa-d229-46a1-8bb2-bcce44d4818c_Iron-X-ray b30d08ef-0e80-4f49-831a-d01d6896252f_Iris-X-ray ca810d75-091c-4ffe-9c7c-d708e1eca044_Crab-x-ray

Link to article:

Getting Drawn In

Hey everyone!  I found this really cool artist a little while back and I wanted to include him in one of my posts. His name is Ben Heine and he’s a photographer and illustrator.  I thought it was really interesting how he was able to combine the photography and his drawing skills. I really like this approach and since I like both photography and drawing this interested me. It was a nice way to incorporate both of his talents into one piece of work.

These drawings also add a nice effect to the photographs and add another level of interest. He does some in color but most of them are black and white which is what I actually prefer. I think having the drawing in black and white makes me feel like I’m seeing what’s beneath the surface in these photos. It’s almost as if the colored portion of the photo is the surface and we’re peaking underneath. I thought these were really well done and I wanted to share them with you guys. Below are my favorites but I’ll also include a link below to the article I found on him. Until next time!

4561195225_839d20d8eb_n 4607621642_96e1c27d66_n 7486319972_d270214719_n

Link to article:


Hey everyone! So what is flowerbombing you ask? Well, its photographing flowers while they explode, at least in my definition. Got your attention, right? Mark Klimas has found this unusual way to create some very unique and beautiful photographs.  I was really attracted to these photos because of the shattering effect that they have. It was something that really caught my attention because it was something I’ve never seen before.2686266

Now you might say ‘exploding flowers, what’s the big deal?’ but I there’s just something about them that is really intriguing to me. His process is also really interesting because he prepares the flowers before they meet their maker. First he puts the flowers in a box with liquid nitrogen to freeze them to about negative 326 degrees fahrenheit. After that point Klimas says that they are as fragile as a snowflake and are really easy to break. In order to get his beautiful photos he  shoots the flowers from behind to get the shattered effect. It’s a really interesting process so I highly recommend that you check out the link below to learn more about this process.2686263

I love the photo of the dark rose, the coloring of the rose is beautiful and I love how the center of the rose is intact while the edges appear to have dissolved. I really love the pink flower, which may or may not be a rose, because of the way the colors blend and layer on each other. I picked the third flower because it looked as if it had been something so solid, almost as if it was ceramic. Remember to check out the link below to see all of the flowers! The ones here are just my favorites! Until next time!




Oh my oil…


Tsitoghdyzan with his painting “Mirror”

Hey everyone! I recently found a really amazing painter that I wanted to write about and share with you guys. When it comes to painting I have gained a new found appreciation for painters so this guy kind of blew my mind. I had a painting class this past semester and it took me the majority of the semester to get my one Georgia O’Keeffe painting done.It was definitely a struggle for me but I’ll talk about that in another post. What I’m getting at is that painting can be really hard, especially if you are trying to paint something realistically. It really has made me realize and appreciate how hard they work to create these amazing paintings.

The paintings Tigran Tsitoghdzyan create look more like photographs rather than paintings. When I first saw them I thought ‘Wow, those photos are beautiful’. Imagine my shock when I found out they were paintings. My favorite by far is “Mirror”, something about it really appeals to me. Maybe its the soft expression of the face or the hair but something keeps me coming back to this one. The details and texture within this painting is amazing, its just so well done. I thought these were so beautiful and I wanted to share them! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’ll include a link to more pictures down below!


Last Supper

Tsitoghdzyan’s Saatchi page:

Beckwith and Fisher

Hey everyone, I came across two very talented photographers and I fell in love with their photos. Their names are dinka-01  Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. These two are well-known for capturing photos of various African tribes people and their culture. What really first drew me to their work is that the forms of the bodies of the people and animals looked like shadows and silhouettes. Now, you all know how I love a good silhouette photo, I did do a little blog series awhile a go so go check it out if you haven’t.

The pictures I’m looking at today are photos of the Dinka tribe and I will include a link to the that will give you more info on that. I really love how rich and vibrant the sky is in contrast to the ground which is gray-black. The colors are just really beautiful in all of these photos however I’ve included my favorites in this post. I really love the one with the boy standing on a pole, the sky and ground are just so beautifully contrasted against each other, it’s really amazing. Its photos like these that really inspire me to keep at photography and go and just shoot something ( you know what I mean). I thought these were beautiful and I wanted to share so I hope you guys like them as much as I do. Below will be a link to the page where I found this as well as a link to the photographers’ website!dinka-08timthumb

Inspiration Grid page:


Splatter Art!

Hey everyone! I came across this really cool splatter art of Marvel superheros and villains. I thought these wear really great. I love how they really suggest movement and the splatters are very appropriate and give the pieces a more realistic effect. The characters are given such a great effect of movement, it really looks as if you caught a glimpse of them in action and fighting. There are also a details within this piece that you may or may not have noticed! The girl above the Hulk (sorry, I don’t her name! I was a Power Ranger kid, not a Marvel one! >_<) has a splatter of red coming from the corner of her mouth which adds to the realism.

Now I know these are obviously not realistic as in they look like real people but small details like these make these pieces serious. It really feels like there is a lot of force, pain, movement, and strain which are all something we humans know about. That’s what I mean by realistic. Anyway I thought it was a unique way of creating art and that they were really well done so I wanted to share! By the way these were created by photographer Melissa Smith! I’ll put a link to the images since they are all one image (if that makes sense).


See them here:

From Photo to Phenomenal

Hello everyone! I found these really cool images that I found and I wanted to share them with you because I like the concept and art. Unfortunately I cannot find the artist, believe me I’ve tried. If anyone knows who the artist is please leave me comment because I really like to know who created these. I really love how they were created from pretty simple photos and then transformed into something completely amazing! Recently I’ve been looking through my own photos and sorting through them, deleting the ones I don’t want or need. However I’ve been finding myself stopping before I hit that delete button and really considering if I want to get rid of the image or keep it use for something else.

Some will say I’m a virtual pack-rat but this artwork makes me feel a little bit better about keeping more photos than I should. I save the photos that I probably won’t use as a source of inspiration for other things like drawings or paintings. When I found these images it gave me a whole other idea on how to recycle my images and turn them into something else! So I wanted to share that idea with you guys and also the lovely artwork too! I hope this inspires you guys and gives you some new ideas! Also note that I won’t be putting any of the images here, I’ll have a link instead since they are all one image and I don’t have time to chop them up for you but nevertheless enjoy!