Open for Business

Hey everyone, I found these examples of business cards and wanted to share them with you guys. While I really liked the design of some others were just a bit too much to say the least. As I move forward on to next semester I’m going to probably making some business cards of my own so for now I’ve just been looking at examples. I think my favorite ones in this collection were the ones that were functional or would be something you could look at often. I remember when I was little this floral store would give out little coin purses with their information on the front.

It was a good way to have people aware of the business because it was usable. People could keep them in their purse or bag and had access to that information immediately. Note that this was before Smartphones were everywhere, so it really was a great way to get the word around. That being said the ones that really stood out to me where the cheese grater card, bike repair card and the photography card. You’ll notice I’ll have more examples down below that I liked but the ones I just mentioned stood out the most. They’re unique, clever, and most importantly, memorable. I think they’re pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go into much detail about them but if you want to see some really interesting ones check the link below. Also, I just had to add the divorce lawyer one, it was just too good to pass up. It gave me a good laugh but I’m not sure how his clients would feel about it. Anyway, until next time guys!

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Final Project, Finally!

Hey everyone! Well its the end of the semester, which means finals! I had all of my finals this week and I wanted to post an update of what my end result was for my project. Overall I’m really happy with how this turned out and I’d like to do more over break and in the future. I felt like I really learned a lot of new things in this class and I know I’ll learn more by just working with the programs over break. Like I said I think this is my favorite final of the semester, I just think it really represents Grace Kelly very well if I say so myself! Below are my digital finals!

Final Project Update!

I just wanted to make a quick update on how my final project is going. I had to make some adjustments when it came to the content and the look I was going for. After looking at different magazine spreads I was able to stick with one style to create the spread I wanted. Instead of creating so many sections I felt that one large article with pull quotes would be more effective with the image I selected. I really wanted to incorporate some of the elements from my “intro” page so I made sure to keep my typefaces the same to give the article a consistent look. So far so good, I’ll post the final digital file once I’m finished!

Final Project Mockup

Below is a rough digital sketch of how I want my spread to be laid out. The gray squares represent a general area for my images but this will probably change depending on the size of the images. I also added a paragraph style to some of my content to represent quotes or anything that I want to highlight. I also want have two sections to the article; one section would be Grace Kelly’s biography and the other would be about her legacy and talk about her foundations and/or charities. Once again, depending on the amount of content that I will end up with the way these sections are positioned may change. This is basically a skeleton of my project but it’s a good start. This way I can know exactly what I want to include and how much space I’ll have to work with.

With Guides
Without Guides