Street Art!

Hi Guys! Wow, two posts in one day, lucky you! Anyways I wanted to take this time to highlight some street art that I’ve found across the web. I really love how artists are able to use the buildings, streets, and scenery around them to create something unique and eye catching. These are few of my favorites!

I really like this first one mostly because its silhouette¬†like qualities. I really like that black was used against this light background. It really makes the artwork pop against the building.¬† I also like way that the top of the tree forms into the night sky. I just really like this overall design I think it works really well. It’s very simple yet very beautiful.

I know you can’t see this one that well but go ahead and click the picture for a closer view. I thought this one was cute and I liked how well it blends in with the building. You can really picture this as the inside it really fits the building.

This last one I thought was really cute. Once again the space was used well by the artist. Although this is really simple and nothing that extravagant I like it.

Thats all for now but if you want to take a look at more you can click any of the pictures for the links! Until next time!