April Fools! :D

Two blogs?!?! In one day?! No fooling! I was actually trying to look for something design related especially for April Fools Day and I did! Apparently several websites got into the spirit and redesigned their sites or added related content. Since the article I found goes over what everyone did and stuff like that I don’t really see the point in me going over everything again. Below I’ll include a¬† link, as always ūüôā Another reason I wanted to post this was to show the different site designs created especially for this day. The article states that this is somewhat of a tradition but to be honest if I wouldn’t have seen this article or went to one of these sites I wouldn’t have even known about any of this. Both Hulu¬†and YouTube have kind of an¬†old style theme to them. The YouTube logo has changed and the site also features viral videos from 1911. The Hulu site doesn’t go that far back but it does feature episodes of “The X-Files” and “Sliders” on its site. I definitely suggest just checking out some of these sites for fun and seeing what changes had been made!

Happy April Fools! : http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110401/ap_en_ot/us_internet_april_fools__pranks


Bad Bussiness?

While looking at a website I just discovered, and think I’m going to really like, I found an article about business websites. More specifically the writer was talking about financial businesses and their website designs. In the article the writer claimed that most financial businesses tend to have very bad designs that are outdated and unattractive. They also included some screenshots with the article to support their claim. I have to say I agree with them. After reading this article I thought¬† about some of the financial websites that I visit or that my parents visit. Majority of the are unattractive, that being said I realize that the companies may want a certain sense of a no-nonsense¬†website but I think that could be achieved with the right design. I’m not saying that these websites should be more artistic or have more graphics or graphics that move. I just think that there are tons of company websites that look good without having anything complex. Think about the website of your favorite store or company, they want the website to be pleasing to you so that you can stay there and look around. They want you to buy something or provide a service of some sort that will make you a customer so they create a website that will make you want to look around more. Why should this reason be any different for a financial business? I think if they would work on improving their website designs more they would be able to attract old and new customers to explore their websites.

Simple Sells

From all of the websites I’ve been looking at, and from thinking about my own website that I’m working on, I’ve discovered something. Simple sells. Whether it’s a product or idea, simple graphics and navigation tend to equal success, at least in my opinion. My main examples

An example of Toki Doki graphics

¬†are¬†Toki¬†Doki¬†and Hello Kitty (created by Sanrio). I actually came across these examples when I was thinking of things to include on my website that show my interests and likes. While I was thinking about Toki¬†Doki¬†and Hello Kitty, both companies whose graphics I love, I thought about the huge successes of these companies and how that came to be. The graphics and the characters are so simple and easy to re-create so wondered why I, or anyone else, hadn’t been able to come up with an idea like that. Hello Kitty is huge and is loved by so many people; Toki¬†Doki¬†is gaining in popularity and has a vast array of products to choose from. I’m not sure why these characters and graphics appeal to me so much but I know the simple cuteness has something to do with it. I also love the creativity of the creator of Toki¬†Doki and how the characters are made up of objects like cacti, milk cartons, and donuts. Overall I love how simple the characters from both companies are and I think the simplicity of them adds to why they are so popular.

An example of Hello Kitty graphics

Check out Toki Doki here: http://www.tokidoki.it/

Check out Sanrio (Hello Kitty) here: http://www.sanrio.com/

ilovespoon.com : A Website Review

I was looking for ideas to kind of spark my own creativity when I came across the website ilovespoon.com. What I like most about the website is the bright, sketch-like graphics and the rollovers throughout the site. I also really liked how, when you first visit the website, a message comes up telling you how to navigate through the site and how it sets you up on a sort of treasure hunt. It lets the user know right away that there are hidden messages or images that can be found. I think the idea of having several rollovers is a great idea because it makes you want to explore the site more. For me navigating through this site wasn’t hard or boring, it was actually really fun. The company Spoon is a food-chain that sells frozen yogurt and smoothies but there weren’t many pictures of the actual yogurt or smoothies that they sell. They did have fruit and¬†an ice cream sandwich¬†sea turtle but not too much frozen yogurt. ¬†I thought this website was really nice and had great designs but I would have liked more emphasis on the actual product.

Check out the website here: http://www.ilovespoon.com/#/home

aribeo.co : A Website Review

This website is different from most of the websites I’ve looked at but that’s¬†also the reason that I wanted to review it. What makes this website different from most websites I’ve talked about it the fact that it is only made up of one page. The website does have several tab-like graphics for you to click on but all they do is take you down lower on the page. I thought that this was a pretty nice feature since, for what I can find, the artist/designer doesn’t have much content to show. To me it makes more sense to keep the few examples of the person’s work on one page than having 3-4 examples on a separate page than the main page. For me having everything on one page makes it feel like there is more content, in this case, rather than spreading a little bit everywhere. The design of the website itself is simple but it works for the content of the page, which is the main focus. I also like the text on the site next to the graphics, it’s a fun and hispanic-like text that I don’t see too often. The logo is okay but I think I would have liked it more have the space in the a, b, and e had been shaded in too. I like how the small saying at the bottom was created too regarding the various kinds of type. I thought it was a nice and simple website but there are some things I would probably make minor changes to.

Duoh.com: A Website Review

I was recently looking at websites, yet again, to gain some inspiration for my own webpage design. Whenever I’m looking for websites the main website I’ve been going to is www.thebestdesigns.com . It’s¬†been really helpful to say the least! Anyways I found a simple website that stood out to me called duoh.com. I really liked how simple it is to get around and how well the website’s purpose is made clear to its viewers. All the links to the pages are very clear and I love the graphics throughout the website. Another thing I liked was the About me page on the website because they story behind how the website came to be was pretty interesting. I think having the story behind the website helps the viewer to really see the artists and people behind the website and what they stand for. The website as a whole seemed pretty professional but it did have some fun colors against a grey-black background to make the site more lively. This review is pretty short, really short compared to others, but I’m not sure what else to say. I think this a nice and simple website and it really fulfills its purpose.

Check out the website here: www.duoh.com

Carbonmade.com: A Website Review

Main page of Carbonmade.com

So…not only did I find another great website to review on but I also found a great website for looking at different works of art. Carbonmade.com is a website for artists to place a virtual portfolio online for everyone to see. This website has all types of art and design, you can even find the portfolio of a costume designer if you look around. Photographers, illustrators, painters, stylists, architects and more make up some of the most popular users on the site. Not only is the whole idea of having so many different types of art in one place really cool but I also really like the web design. On the first page of the website there is no guessing what kind of site this is or what is the content. Written in¬†a large speech bubble is “Your online portfolio.” and right next to it is an octopus¬†with a large sign up button. I really like how straightforward the website is and how clear the contents of website are made. One of my biggest pet peeves about websites are when I have to really look around to find out what kind of website I’m visiting.¬† The designs on the front page are really simply made but I do like them and the overall look of the website. I also really liked how easy it was to navigate around the website. The whole as a whole is really cutesy and cartoony but I like how the examples page had a more professional look to it. I think the whole black background and lack of cartoons helps the viewer to take these portfolios more seriously and they really look more professional. Overall I thought the website was pretty good. There was nothing that really made me think ‘Wow” but it was still good and I found some cool new images to look at ūüėÄ

Check out the site here: www.carbonmade.com