Just Add Water

Hey everyone! I kind of have somewhat of an underwater theme going on since once again we’ll be diving in ūüėČ ¬†to some underwater art. These photos were taken by photographer Benjamin Von Wong who I may need to take a closer look at later since I love these photos so much! I don’t know what it is but I think the vastness and mystery of the ocean is something that has always intrigued me. I don’t know how to swim and I think that adds a certain aspect of spookiness to the big blue. Whatever the reason, these photos are hauntingly beautiful. I just love the way the clothing and hair of the models move. This is especially true for the first photo. It looks as if she is descending from some world up above and is floating down into another realm. It comes across as very angelic to me.

I also love the movement and flow in all of these, it makes these models seem like they actually belong in these setting and are not just people being placed in a scene to make a pretty picture. I’m going to put the link to the article and images down below but let me just tell you now that these photos took a lot of work. In order to pull this off Von Wong needed freedivers who would also be the models, stylists, makeup, etc. This is one of the qualities of a good artist that I really admire. He had a vision and did what he had to make it come to life and he did it right without cutting corners. No one’s perfect and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly diligent when it comes to my craft. However, when I do something I try to put my best in it and do the best I can with what I know I can do. Effort is everything and it certainly paid off for Von Wong! As always below are my favorites (which in this case is all of them)and the link to the article! Until next time!

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Link to article: http://blog.flickr.net/2014/08/08/surreal-underwater-photo-shoot/

I’m so Jelly!

Hey everyone! I found some amazing photos of jellyfish (hence the title ūüėČ ) that I thought were really beautiful and I wanted to share them with you! The man who photographed these is Aaron Ansarov and he did an amazing job with these in my opinion.¬†What I really liked about these was not only the vivid colors but also the focus on¬†the details that we normally don’t see. I love watching shows that explore nature and highlight the beauty of the creatures among us so this was right up my ally. Although these photos are really nice to look at I also found them very inspirational in a way. One thing I really liked about these are the natural patterns and shapes that occur in these photos. At times they look like some kind of abstract art rather than a jellyfish. These also kind of reminded me of ink blots since the shapes are so unique and seemingly random at times. I could easily see these recreated with watercolors or even pen and ink! If you go to the website, which I will link below, they are have some images that move and a video which are also really cool as well. Below are some of my favorites and the rest you can find at the link below. I was really inspired by these and I’d like to try create something showing that in the future so who knows! ;D

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See more here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/features/2014/08/140821-portuguese-man-of-war-animal-ocean-science-pictures/

Elke Vogelsang!

Hey everyone! I found these pet portraits and I thought they were pretty cool for several reasons! One of ¬†them is how well the photographer,¬†Elke Vogelsang, captures the expressions of the dogs. There are tons of photos of people’s pets online but these are different because they really capture the personality of the dogs. I liked the contrast of the dark background because it really highlights the dogs themselves rather than distracting us with their environment. I feel like her intent and focus is on the dogs so I think she was really successful in taking these images.

I have dogs myself and I’ve taken photos of them but never in a studio setting or without an indication towards their natural environment; which is basically the house since my dogs are lazy and don’t care for the outdoors much. I really liked these photos because they’re different from a typical dog photo and some of the expressions are hilarious! I recommend you check out all of them, the link is below, but I included¬†my favorites!


Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/27/elke-vogelsang_n_5042132.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000023

Eye See You…

Hey everyone! I recently found some really cool photos of eyes that I wanted to share with you! If you’re new to this blog I have a strange obsession with drawing eyes. They are the first thing I start drawing when I’m bored or otherwise. I’m not sure why but it’s just something I do so this group of photos really caught my eye. I’m sorry, but I had to, eye just couldn’t resist. Okay, enough of that, but I seriously thought these were pretty cool.

The majority of these are animal eyes, which was interesting to look at since I really don’t pay attention something like that. Also, all of the these images are really saturated with color and are just beautiful to look at! I can definitely see myself using some of these as inspiration within my own sketches, since like I said I don’t really pay attention to the physical features of animals like I do humans. As soon as I get some free time I want to try drawing some these and maybe even merging them with human features…who knows ;). Unfortunately Flickr does not like people just grabbing photos so I can’t post any images here but there will be a link down below. My favorites are the horse fly (first image), cat, and blue-eyed dog. Until next time!


Naturally Inspired!

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a quick post on some really inspiring photos I found. I’ve taken several photography classes in the past so I have images of various subjects but I’ve always loved photos of nature! I think part of it is the idea that all you really need is a camera since nature is all around us. In other words, it’s the easiest subject to photograph. I mean you don’t really have to go far to find anything natural to photograph. You can open your door and take a picture of your lawn, although¬†it might not be an award winner but hey it’s still nature.


These images that I found are basically entries in a contest that was called the¬†2014 DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition. The winning image is the one on the top with the tadpoles! ¬†I love all of these but I think the winner of the competition just did an amazing job when it came to perspective and subject. It’s a really beautiful image and I can easily see why it won! All of these photos are really well done in my opinion and I have a special appreciation for underwater photography. It’s probably since I don’t know how to swim but that’s besides the point. Below are my favorites and I’ll also include a link to the rest down below! Until next time guys!


163671391286626_ORIGINAL-1024x768 2nd-170511393008600_ORIGINAL-1024x682 3rd-164771391312132_ORIGINAL-1024x683 2nd-175421394380376_ORIGINAL-1024x682


Link to article:http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/nature/post/tadpoles-flying-overhead-unlikely-winner-of-underwater-photo-contest/

Trey Ratcliff!

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I’ve done a post on a specific artist so I figured why not do one now! I recently discovered a photographer named Trey Ratcliff and I really love his photographs. He does something a little bit different when it comes to his photos, he¬†uses HDR photography. So what is HDR photography you ask? Well I’m not going to get into too much detail here since he does a great job of describing it himself but I’ll give you the basics. HDR stands for ¬†High Dynamic Range which means you take several photos of the same subject and combine them to create one beautiful image. Each image is taken with a different shutter speed so you end up with three photos. One bright, one medium and one dark (which means each has a different lighting). I’m going to put a couple of links to all of his info down below because he really does provide a lot of great tips and tutorials!

I came¬†across these and I love the depth to his photos and the mood they give off. I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely attracted to certain styles of art in different ways. There is art that I really admire and think is beautiful but I just have more of admiration for it and that’s as far as it goes. Then there are other works of art that I want to replicate and stylistically bring into my own artwork. This is one of the later, I’ve always really loved landscapes and enjoy photographing nature over other objects. That being said some of my best photos, in my opinion, are ones that I’ve taken in a studio so you can analyze that since it makes no sense to me. Anyway, below are some of my favorites but I will have many links to find out more about Trey below! Until next time!

Websites: Portfolio site http://stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/

Informational site: http://www.StuckInCustoms.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treyratcliff

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TreyRatcliff

4070581709_a1c668a779_o-X2 Zermat Romantic-X2 Trey Ratcliff - New York - Inception-X2 The Long Road in NZ-X2 trey-ratcliff-tokyo-scene-X2



Beckwith and Fisher

Hey everyone, I came across two very talented photographers and I fell in love with their photos. Their names are dinka-01¬† Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. These two are well-known for capturing photos of various African tribes people and their culture. What really first drew me to their work is that the forms of the bodies of the people and animals looked like shadows and silhouettes. Now, you all know how I love a good silhouette photo, I did do a little blog series awhile a go so go check it out if you haven’t.

The pictures I’m looking at today are photos of the Dinka tribe and I will include a link to the inspirationgrid.com that will give you more info on that. I really love how rich and vibrant the sky is in contrast to the ground which is gray-black. The colors are just really beautiful in all of these photos however I’ve included my favorites in this post. I really love the one with the boy standing on a pole, the sky and ground are just so beautifully contrasted against each other, it’s really¬†amazing. Its photos like these that really inspire me to keep at photography and go and just shoot something ( you know what I mean). I thought these were beautiful and I wanted to share so I hope you guys like them as much as I do. Below will be a link to the theinspirationgrid.com page where I found this as well as a link to the photographers’ website!dinka-08timthumb

Inspiration Grid page: http://theinspirationgrid.com/dinka-photo-series-by-carol-beckwith-angela-fisher/

Website: http://www.africanceremonies.com/

All Around the World…Again?!

Hey everyone! I found this really cool set of photographs with a great concept behind them! Basically it documents a photographer being lead around the world by his girlfriend. The photos were all taken with the girlfriend in the lead holding the photographers hand. I love everything besides the pose changes at each place they travel, they also have some local “props” that they use, such as a Frankenstein statue. I really love this concept because it such a simple and cool concept but he ended up with a ton of great photos from his travels.photographer-follows-girlfriend-around-the-world-holding-hand-photo-series-2

With a little investigating, which is sometimes necessary with stuff found on Pinterest, I found out that the photographer is ¬†Murad Osmann. I took a look and these photos are on his Instagram not his website, that I saw, so I’ll put a link for both below! His website also has some great photos that I am very jealous of. I’m working on portraits for my photography III class and they are nothing compared to his. Then again it is something really new to me, I’ve never done them before, so maybe I’m been a bit harsh but when am I not hard on myself? Anyways I thought these were awesome and I wanted to share! As always, I hope you guys enjoy this post!

Osmann’s Instagram:¬†http://instagram.com/muradosmann/

Osmann’s Website:¬†http://muradosmann.com/



Girlfriend_Lead Photographer_017

In Your Dreams!

Hey everyone! I found this artist on the front page of Yahoo long time ago and never got around to making a post about him! Photographer Ronen Goldman has found a creative way to capture his dreams and bring them to life. He recreates a part of his dream that has the most significance to him and recreates it  in the real world. I thought that this was a really  unique and creative way of thinking.

Sometimes dreams can be great source of inspiration if you know how to tap into them. I think that some of my favorite photos are the ones that have some kind of object suspended in air. I thought this was an interesting way to use your dreams within your work.I know sometimes with my writing (I’m a writing major too, remember? :D) I use ideas that come from experiences within my dreams, so why not use them in art too?


His dreams seem particularly interesting, they¬†really look like a scene from a story or movie¬†and it makes me want to know what exactly is going on here.These photos are really attention grabbing and I love them because of how abstract they are and how they represent a small part of a story.Included below is the link to where I originally found the photos and also a link to Goldman’s blog where you can find more photos when you click on the Surreal Project tab! I hope you guys found this interesting, see you next time!


Yahoo Slideshow: http://news.yahoo.com/lightbox/photographer-turns-dreams-into-surreal-photos-slideshow/ronen-goldman-photo-911873380.html

Ronen Goldman’s Blog:¬†http://www.ronengoldman.com/?p=975

All Around the World

Hey everyone! I have to admit I almost forgot to make a post this week! ¬†>_<¬†Which is kind of weird because I’ve¬†been doing this for awhile now but anyway I have some amazing photos to share with you this week! I came across these photos and they really inspired me to keep working with my photography skills, and maybe travel sometime soon! I came across a photographer that has taken some amazing photos while in his native Berlin, Germany and on his travels to various other places. His name is Lukas Kozmus and I am very envious of him for several reasons. His photographs are really beautiful and very rich in color.lukas-1

Also I love silhouette photography (I made that term up, I think) so these photos are right up my alley in that respect. Although I love me some silhouettes I have to admit my favorite photo is not one with a silhouette. I really love the photo that was taken with the children play in the rain in the street. I like the golden warmth to the picture and how the rain drops look like gold. My second favorite is the shot of the biker on the road, once again I love the warm lighting, it just seems to add some kind of a mystical feeling to the photos.

I thought all of his photos are really beautiful and they really inspired me to keep at my own photography. Sometimes I get discouraged but I can tell that my photos are getting better and its really a matter of just getting out there and shooting some photos. I’d love travel and take these kinds of photos but I think the more I practice I’ll get there, in the mean time I’ll keep sharing things that inspire me with you guys! Thanks for reading! I’ll put some links down below in case you want to check out more!


article site: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2012/11/the-travel-photography-of-lukas-kozmus/

Lukas’ flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56047188@N06/