Final Project Mockup

Below is a rough digital sketch of how I want my spread to be laid out. The gray squares represent a general area for my images but this will probably change depending on the size of the images. I also added a paragraph style to some of my content to represent quotes or anything that I want to highlight. I also want have two sections to the article; one section would be Grace Kelly’s biography and the other would be about her legacy and talk about her foundations and/or charities. Once again, depending on the amount of content that I will end up with the way these sections are positioned may change. This is basically a skeleton of my project but it’s a good start. This way I can know exactly what I want to include and how much space I’ll have to work with.

With Guides
Without Guides

Final Project Proposal

Hi everyone! I had to make a post for my final project for my Digital Applications class and I thought I’d share it here too!

For my final project I would like to create a two page article spread in ¬†InDesign. I want to use this project as a way to integrate two projects together to form a magazine spread. I have already completed what would act as an intro to this article so I’d liked to take that a step forward for my final project. For my other project the subject of my spread was Grace Kelly so I want to continue with that subject but focus more on the format of the article. This way I would have a complete article section of a magazine that would be completed and go together with what I already have.

My goal for this project would be to take what we learned from the InDesign article proof assignment and take it a step further. This would mean integrating images, text and design to produce a professional looking spread. This project would also challenge me to stay with a design that I have already created. In order for this article to fit with my other spread I’ll have to make sure they each represent each other. Since this article would be intended for print I would print out my final spread and attach it to matte board for presentation purposes. Below is the design that I’m going to be working from to create the article. I created the spread as part of another class assignment and I thought it would be cool to expand this into a complete article. I’ll be posting a general sketch of what I want my spread to look like soon!

Intro to InDesign!

Hey everyone! So for this week’s assignment we had to create an Article Proof in InDesign. I’ve had some experience with InDesign before but nothing advanced so I’m glad to get back into the program. I chose to go with an article I found on the National Geographic website about the top places to vacation in the fall. I’ll have the link for that down below but I decide to use #12 Thailand as my inspiration for this assignment. I kind of wanted to keep that National Geographic feel to my proof and keep it more scholarly than something you would see in a tourist’s office. I added some color to spice up the article and make it more attractive as well.

Here’s the original article: