Friends with the monster…

Hey everyone! I can across a really unique artistic interpretation of various types of mental illness. That being said I’m in no way trying to trivialize mental illness because it is a very serious disease that many people suffer from. I just wanted to share how an artist interpreted these illnesses through an artistic form. From what I know about the artist, Toby Allen,  he has suffered from social anxiety and he wanted a way to express his feelings through art. When I first saw this I thought of it as not only art but as a form of therapy. Writing has always been a good way for me to express my feelings and just get them out because I can write whatever I want without having to have anyone see or be judged. I thought this was a great idea as a form of therapy and releasing some of the feelings we may have some times. I also think to turn them into monsters was a good choice as well. Often what we think of a monster is something that seems scary to us or that we don’t understand. Mental illness is highly stigmatized and many people still don’t even believe it is a true illness. I think that by creating more awareness and hopefully reaching out to others and offering compassion instead of judgment. Anyway I hope you guys like these and are inspired by them, I think it’d be a great exercise for any artist because we all have things in our lives that act as “monsters”. Below will be a link to the entire article but I’ll have my favorites on this post. Until next time guys!

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When Art and Writing Come Together…

Something beautiful happens. Instantly both aspects become one powerful work of art, at least I’ve always felt that way. I have to admit this opinion could be a bit biased since I am Graphic Design and Writing major but I’d like to think that’s not the case. Poetry is one form of writing that I’ve always respected and enjoyed created myself. The video I found recently that merged art and poetry was like the holy grail for me, I absolutely loved it.

The video features a poem written and spoken by Shane Koyczan who is also known for his contribution to the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremony in Vancouver. The video is part of the To This Day Project which was created to raise awareness about the long-term effects of bullying. The video focuses on Koyczan’s life and his experience with childhood bullying. His message is that the effects of bullying do not go away once a child grows up, it still effects them even when they are older. To say the least it was a really moving poem and I think that actually having the visuals just added so much to this piece.

I feel that if people are able to visually experience something rather than just reading about it or listening to someone talk about a subject it will have a greater chance of sticking with people. I think it’s easier for us to actually see the problem rather than hear about it. Then again I am more of a visual learner so once I again I might be biased on this.Another aspect I really liked was how several different animators and motion artists contributed to this project. According to the website,, each contributor got a 20 second sequence so there were good mixture of artists. I thought that it way a great way to see different interpretations of this piece! I thought this video was really cool and I wanted to share it with you guys! I will put a link to the article on this below and the link for the project site is above for you to click on! I hope you guys like it as much as I do and that you share it with others 🙂