Good website, Bad Website

So for an assignment for my Desktop Publishing class we were supposed to compare websites that we thought were well designed and worked well vs. designs that could use some improvement. I thought about what kind of websites that I frequent on a daily basis and I decided to look at news websites. There are certain website that I go to when I want to find out whats going on in the world and some I tend to avoid. Here are my two favorites and the two I picked that I thought could use a face lift.

The websites I chose that I thought were successful were USA Today and TIME. Not only were they very easy to navigate through I liked all of the visuals that were on the main pages. Instead of words there were a lot of images and photos which I thought was good for the site and the viewer. When I go to a website images are the first thing I see, unless there is a large title or some kind of message. Not only do the images capture my attention but they help me to find what I’m looking for or what is important. Another aspect I really liked is that the websites weren’t very wordy, which I’ll talk about later.

That being said this leads me to the websites I thought could use some help. I didn’t particularly like CNN or The Huffington Post. I really disliked the font used for the main article on The Huffington Post. It reminded me something you see on a scam site, it just didn’t look professional or from a credible news site. The main page also seemed really long for some reason and nothing really popped out at me and made me want to read the articles. There were images, but there were also a lot of words, I kind of didn’t know where to look. I found myself bouncing back and forth, left to right. As for CNN I found that they also had a lot of text. The reason I think that is a problem is because you are depending on your reader to stop and read. I hate to say it but a lot of people aren’t going to start reading an article unless something stands out to them to make them read it. There is also a lot of white space and I didn’t really like that compare to the USA Today which has a much smaller border.