Trey Ratcliff!

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I’ve done a post on a specific artist so I figured why not do one now! I recently discovered a photographer named Trey Ratcliff and I really love his photographs. He does something a little bit different when it comes to his photos, he uses HDR photography. So what is HDR photography you ask? Well I’m not going to get into too much detail here since he does a great job of describing it himself but I’ll give you the basics. HDR stands for  High Dynamic Range which means you take several photos of the same subject and combine them to create one beautiful image. Each image is taken with a different shutter speed so you end up with three photos. One bright, one medium and one dark (which means each has a different lighting). I’m going to put a couple of links to all of his info down below because he really does provide a lot of great tips and tutorials!

I came across these and I love the depth to his photos and the mood they give off. I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely attracted to certain styles of art in different ways. There is art that I really admire and think is beautiful but I just have more of admiration for it and that’s as far as it goes. Then there are other works of art that I want to replicate and stylistically bring into my own artwork. This is one of the later, I’ve always really loved landscapes and enjoy photographing nature over other objects. That being said some of my best photos, in my opinion, are ones that I’ve taken in a studio so you can analyze that since it makes no sense to me. Anyway, below are some of my favorites but I will have many links to find out more about Trey below! Until next time!

Websites: Portfolio site

Informational site:



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From Photo to Phenomenal

Hello everyone! I found these really cool images that I found and I wanted to share them with you because I like the concept and art. Unfortunately I cannot find the artist, believe me I’ve tried. If anyone knows who the artist is please leave me comment because I really like to know who created these. I really love how they were created from pretty simple photos and then transformed into something completely amazing! Recently I’ve been looking through my own photos and sorting through them, deleting the ones I don’t want or need. However I’ve been finding myself stopping before I hit that delete button and really considering if I want to get rid of the image or keep it use for something else.

Some will say I’m a virtual pack-rat but this artwork makes me feel a little bit better about keeping more photos than I should. I save the photos that I probably won’t use as a source of inspiration for other things like drawings or paintings. When I found these images it gave me a whole other idea on how to recycle my images and turn them into something else! So I wanted to share that idea with you guys and also the lovely artwork too! I hope this inspires you guys and gives you some new ideas! Also note that I won’t be putting any of the images here, I’ll have a link instead since they are all one image and I don’t have time to chop them up for you but nevertheless enjoy!

Heavenly Photos

Hey Everyone! I found some photos that are just heavenly and I had to share them! These photos were created by photographer 201a-photography 201b-photography 201e-photographyDavid Stephenson and I love how intricate they are. Stephenson photographed the ceilings of various cathedrals, basilicas, and churches. What attracted me to his photos was the idea that although they were photos of ceilings they seem to present themselves as something else.

A lot of these shots make me feel like I’m looking through a kaleidoscope. I love how the patterns and repetition of the designs are caught very nicely by the camera. One thing that I think  I have trouble with when taking photos is lining up the shot to capture the necessary  elements. Most often I find myself capturing a photo and find that I have unnecessary elements to it that I didn’t need to include in my shot. Another problem I have is my lack of simplicity in my work.

It might not seem like a big issue but when you have too many things within a piece it often takes away from it rather than add anything. I tend to go a little nuts sometimes but I’m working on it! I also really like the depth of field within some of these photos, and the angles too! Stephenson also has a lot of other cool photos that I think are worth checking out so I’ll post the link to his website down below incase anyone is interested! I hope you guys enjoyed this! 😀

The Inspiration Grid Link:

David Stephenson’s Website:

Emma Hack

Hey Everyone! I saw an article about a week ago on Yahoo about a car created out of human bodies.

Got your attention, huh? Don’t worry Halloween is over so its nothing like that, they people are alive and well.The article was about artist Emma Hack and how she creates artwork that includes the human body in some way within her pieces.

On her website, the link will be down below, she is described as a skin illustrator, photographer, sculptor, and a diverse multimedia artist. For the Yahoo article a group of models were mashed together (this still sounds creepy doesn’t it?) to create the form of a crashed car.

The ways they were positioned alone is impressive but the way the bodies are painted really adds a sense of realism  to the piece. The wheels and the part where the hood has been pushed up a bit are really amazing. I liked this work so much that I had to look the artist up and her work is really creative. It’s amazing how easily she is able to blend the person into the background so that they are almost invisible.

I also find that her work is very design oriented.It’s not like she’s just creating a lot of objects with the bodies, she’s also using design to incorporate them in her pieces.

This can be seen throughout her work, her work seems more design oriented to me which is good because lately I feel I haven’t been covering much design in this blog. I have to say that my favorite pieces are the mandalas that she does. I love how the bodies really become a part of the design. I’ve posted some of my favorites here but if you want to check out more you can go to her website here:

Check out the Yahoo article here:

Frida Kahlo

Hi Everyone! I know Frida is a well known artist but I wanted to talk about her a little bit for several reasons. One of them was my goal to highlight some hispanic artists for this month since it is National Hispanic Heritage Month. Another reason I want to talk about her is because she ended up inspiring one of my recent projects for my painting class. For one of our assignments we had to create a self-portrait based of ourselves on the self-portrait of a famous artist. I looked through a lot of artists, and by that I mean it took me hours to decide. Then again thats nothing new for me but still.

I finally took a look at some of Frida’s work and something just sparked. Don’t get me wrong I had seen her work before but this time I just felt a deeper connection and I really wanted to create something based off of her work.I really love the symbolism she uses within her paintings, I feel like they are very telling of how she felt at the time. A lot of the time I really wish I could get inside the artist’s head when I see a piece I really like. Sometimes its not that simple but I felt that the majority of her paintings give us some insight about her as a person.

This aspect really attracted me to her paintings because she painted what she felt. I’m almostdone with my painting and I like how it’s turning out so far so I’m really glad I chose her! I just wanted to make this post to share what’s been inspiring me lately. The couple paintings I’m posting in this blog are the main ones that inspired my painting. I haven’t decided whether or not to post a picture of the painting or not when I finish it but I guess we’ll cross that bridge once we get to it. See you guys next time!

Sylvia Ji

Hey Everyone! I have to say I really love social media sites, especially when you have friends who like to post artwork! One of my friends on Facebook posted a picture of a painting by Sylvia Ji and I knew I had to check out her work asap. One thing I really love, especially around this time of year is sugar skull art. I dont’ know there’s just something about them that really attract me to them. I love the bright colors and all the different design variations people create around these.

I actually made a sugar skull myself once, I think it was in high school, and it was one of my favorite projects ever. I was really happy with the way it came out but since it didn’t dry all the way through, I used some sort of paper mache I think, it got moldy and I had to toss it. I checked out her website and I have to say I love her use of color! These paintings are very vivid and would stop you in your tracks if you were passing by. I also like how she sticks to one color within her paintings besides black and white.

For some of her paintings she uses variations of a color like red throughout the majority of the painting. Its an interesting aspect that I like to maybe try in my own art because I feel like it works so well.  The details and shading are also really beautiful. Some of these paintings include lace and the attention to detail is really amazing. As I mentioned in a previous post I’m taking a painting class so I’m totally blown away by all of the artists I’ve been talkingabout on this blog. She also does some beautiful victorian inspired paintings that I really like as well. I’m so glad my friend posted that one photo because I really love these paintings. I love art that includes a lot of bright and vivid colors so this was up my alley! I hope you guys liked this, till next time!

Pssttt! Click on the photos to visit her website! Or Click here:

Let’s Be Realistic

Hi Everyone,I wanted to share something I saw on the front page of yahoo today that I think is really amazing. A slideshow was featured showing the drawings of artist Dirk Dzimirsky. The thing is these drawings don’t look like drawings at all, in fact I thought I was looking at a photograph. It always amazes me to see artwork like this, it’s just so realistic and doesn’t resemble a drawing at all. I’ll admit it, I’m not that great at drawing, in my opinion.

I especially have a hard time with portraits and faces, or really anything that involves a human being. Its something that I would really like to work on and get better at, so to see work like this really inspires me to practice more. After looking at the yahoo slide show I headed over to his website to check out some of his stuff. I found out not only does he do these drawings but he also teaches classes! How cool would it be to take one of those? Anyway his art is amazing, I especially like piece called Breath.

The hair is really beautifully done and I just love how the water looks against the skin. I think Black Sun really shows off the artist’s skills as well. The wrinkles and texture of the skin are really well done here. Hopefully you guys find this as inspiring as I do. You can check out the links below to see more if you want, see you next time!

Yahoo link:

Artist Website:

Alberto Seveso

I stumbled upon this designer on Pinterest and I am in love with his work. It was a picture of water and ink that captured my attention. It’s a simple idea with a beautiful outcome. I went to his website and I have to say I really like his work but the photographs with ink and water are my favorites. The colors are vibrant and the ink almost looks sculptural in the water. I could describe the photographs in more detail but I think they really speak for themselves.

I really like the one with the yellow, blues, and greens (to your right)! This one is really beautiful and sculptural. I just love how the ink mimics fabric, to me it looks like silk. It’s also amazing how he captures the ink at the perfect time. The colors are somewhat blended but not completely. I had to include the one on the left two because it includes my favorite colors. Okay that wasn’t the only reason. I think in this photo you can really see what I call the fibers of the ink. I call them fibers because they look like pieces of string from some type of fabric. They are almost hair-like. I might show you some more of his work in other posts, but if you can’t wait all you have to do is go to the website I mentioned. Let’s see how much of this you really read, ha ha. You can also just click on either of the photos and you be sent to the website that way! See, I’m not that mean. Until next time!