Oh My Mood board!

Hey everyone! I know I’ve said in the past that I was going to post some of my own work on here and today I’m actually going to do it! That’s where mood boards come in! I did my first mood board at the end of last semester in the Spring and now they’ve become something I’m expected to do for every project. In case you don’t know, a mood board is basically a collection of ideas that a designer has about a project. A mood board usually includes a color palette, images, textures, typefaces, and even fabrics.

Essentially it gives you and your client (if you have one!) a visual of what you anticipate for the project. Not only does this help  you nail down your concept but its a great way to make sure you and your client are on the same page as to what direction this project is going in. The mood board that I’m going to show you today is one that I did as a series of three boards. The idea was to choose three artists, designers, or any other type of visual artist who inspires you and make a mood board centered around them. I think this actually turned out to be a pretty fun project because it was one of the more laid back assignments and it was a way to see the similarities between artists that have influenced our work.

I wanted to have three different types of artists for my boards because I wanted to avoid overlap and I thought it would be less redundant. So for my first board I focused on the brand Chanel. This choice was one of the ones that I just had to go for because I honestly never thought Chanel had a direct influence on my work or could even have similar aspects. Boy was I wrong, the aspects between my work and the Chanel brand were actually pretty dang similar. First off if the focus on women, which is something I never set out to do but it just happened. I know I haven’t posted much of my own work on here but just take my word for it. This past Spring I did a timeline on women’s fashion in the 1920s, prior to that I did a magazine spread on Grace Kelly, before that I was doing paintings emulating female painters…the list goes on. Another aspect was the use of flowers by Chanel which to be honest I never really noticed, yeah I would notice a flower here and there but it never seemed like a recurring theme until I started throwing images together. Also Chanel uses a lot of black and white in their images as well as other areas which gives it this vintage yet timeless feel. After about ten hours after fooling around researching on Pinterest I picked the images I liked best, found a fabric sample I thought fit, and added words with specific typefaces that I could use if I wanted to develop this concept further as a project.

The end result is below! Kind of…I actually reworked it recently to help with another project so I will post both versions. I didn’t do a major revamp, it was just something for me to help me be a bit more organized and apply the original idea to my current project. Anyway I hope I didn’t overwhelm you guys with this large post but I didn’t want to do a separate into because who would just want to read that. My next one will be a bit shorter and you have two more of these to look forward to. Also please feel free to give me some feedback as it is always appreciated! 🙂



Oh my oil…


Tsitoghdyzan with his painting “Mirror”

Hey everyone! I recently found a really amazing painter that I wanted to write about and share with you guys. When it comes to painting I have gained a new found appreciation for painters so this guy kind of blew my mind. I had a painting class this past semester and it took me the majority of the semester to get my one Georgia O’Keeffe painting done.It was definitely a struggle for me but I’ll talk about that in another post. What I’m getting at is that painting can be really hard, especially if you are trying to paint something realistically. It really has made me realize and appreciate how hard they work to create these amazing paintings.

The paintings Tigran Tsitoghdzyan create look more like photographs rather than paintings. When I first saw them I thought ‘Wow, those photos are beautiful’. Imagine my shock when I found out they were paintings. My favorite by far is “Mirror”, something about it really appeals to me. Maybe its the soft expression of the face or the hair but something keeps me coming back to this one. The details and texture within this painting is amazing, its just so well done. I thought these were so beautiful and I wanted to share them! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’ll include a link to more pictures down below!


Last Supper

Tsitoghdzyan’s Saatchi page: http://www.saatchionline.com/profile/204141

Mark Shaw


Vanity Fair Pleated Caplet

Hey Everyone! I wanted to talk a little bit about Mark Shaw and his work.I was looking around on Pinterest one night, as I normally do,


Vanity Fair Sheer Gown


Audrey Hepburn at Home


Jacqueline Kennedy at John’s Senate desk

and I came across this amazing photo! I thought it was so beautiful, I loved everything about it. The photo is by Mark Shaw and it is titled Vanity Fair Sheer Gown.I thought the pose of the model made her look very graceful and I love  how her dress drapes downward.

I liked how the light is centered on the model and the fades to a dark black background around her. I took a look at some more of Mark Shaw’s work and I noticed that this is somewhat of a trend. Another photo that I really like is similar to this one but it’s titled Vanity Fair Pleated Caplet. It almost looks as if the model is emerging from the dark floor beneath here. The way her dress has been spread out also looks a bit floral like.He seems to always have some object that is completely dark and something very light and it makes a very nice contrast.

I also liked how a lot of his photos were shot in a very casual setting. I think these are my favorite because they kind of give us a peek into the lives of the people he’s photographing. Usually I tend to be drawn towards photos that are shot in color but I really like how the black and white works in these photos! The photos I’m posting here are my favorites however you can check out more here:


Si Scott

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been slacking on this blog lately however I’ve had some things come up that I’m still working through. That being said I’m going to try to do the two posts a week however it’s not something I’m going to promise so just letting you guys know! Anyway, enough of that. What I really want to talk about is a new artist that I found, Si Scott. Si Scott is an artist who focuses on design, illustration, and typography.

Three major aspects that I’ve been really into lately. I found his work on Behance.net and not only did I find photographs of his pieces, there are also videos! I really love watching videos of artists at work, it’s amazing to their process and how they create their artwork. What really attracted me to Si’s work was how fluid and scriptural his work is. I love the curls and curves in script and to see the same principles be used to create something like the figure of animal is really amazing.

Although I do like his series of animals I also really like a map that he created for The Enemy Tour, which you can see more of on his portfolio page. I had a project earlier in the semester where we had to creat a perfect letterform. At first it was a little tedious but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I also learned how hard it is to creat a nice crisp line, but it was still fun to do. A think the use of black and white works really well within the pieces too. I dont’ see any need of color or variations of black or white in these, they’re very crisp and beautiful they way they are. I posted a few of my favorites here but check out Si’s portfolio at Behance.net to see more.

See his portfolio here and remember to check out The Enemy Tour videos!: http://www.behance.net/siscott

Beautiful Brands!

Hi Everyone! I recently came across some really great artwork using brand names as inspiration. I found this through Pinterest, surprise, and I really like them. They’re really well done and are really beautiful. The designs have a floral pattern to all of them and they are a bit similar but the incorporation of color and the black splatters give them some individuality. I also really like how the kind of have an old/antique look to them. I like how some of the words such as Christian Dior are given a kind of old/faded feeling to it. Another thing I like is how the colors used kind of blend or clash together. You can see in some of the designs that the colors blend in certain parts and other times there is more of a dramatic change. The Alexander McQueen one is definitely one of my favorites, I love the red the Q! I also like the YSL one a lot too, I just love the colors in the piece. I liked all of these so much that I actually got some inspiration for a project I just recently finished for my graphic design class. Unfortunately the inspiration was a bit late, everything was due and handed in by the time I found this, but at least I have ideas for future projects! Better late than never I guess. These really inspired me and I definitely want to do some sketches soon! Unfortunately my right hand feels like it’s about to kick the bucket soon so it may have to wait a couple more days! Check out the link here:http://www.behance.net/gallery/Brands-in-Full-Bloom/4300265 to see larger versions. See you next time!