Let Me Take a Selfie

Hey everyone! I debated about whether or not to post this because I wasn’t sure if it was artsy enough but I figured this is my blog and I thought it was interesting, so here it is. I read an article recently about camera that were installed in a koala enclosure in Australia. What really captured my interest, besides the cute koalas, was the idea that these cameras were used to take selfies of the animals. Basically the animal would have to approach the camera and get within its frame and a sensor would go off to capture the image and viola! The cutest selfie!

What stood out about images is how interesting they came out and how they look like a photographer took them. I thought it was a nice way to have the koalas engage in the process and have a more natural photo. Apparently the koalas liked the idea too since there’s plenty of photos. We’ve been talking a lot about the presence of social media within our world and selfies are a large part of that too. They allow us to capture what we are doing in the exact moment we are doing it, regardless of how ridiculous we look. That concept can be seen with these photos too as we are able to see the koalas explore and capture their personalities in the moment without human interaction. As always I have my favorites below but I’ll link the rest incase you need more! Until next time!

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Creative Mother, Sleeping Baby

Mami Koide isn’t your typical mother. When her daughter Nuno falls asleep she doesn’t take a break, she gets to work. I found this video on the front page of yahoo and I have to say that I’m really amazed at the creativity of Koide. While her daughter is sleeping she uses that as an opportunity to photograph her daughter and create a world around her out of everyday items! She uses things like shirts, blankets, socks and even vegetables to create scenes around her daughter that are just awesome. I’m really glad they have a video of this because it’s really nice to see Koide creating the scenes rather than just reading about her work. That being said check out the video below to see how she does it!

So what do you think? Cool right? I thought that this was a really creative idea and I love looking at these photos. I think my favorite might be the one where Nuno is riding on a dog sled (pictured here), I also get a kick out of the Santa one too! I hope you guys like this and it reminds you that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to find it!

Here is the link to the yahoo page: http://news.yahoo.com/video/creative-mother-turns-her-sleeping-193000577.html