A Drawing a Day…

Hey everyone,

I know its been awhile since I last blogged but I’ve had a pretty busy couple weeks. First I had finals and that whole lovely time of the semester and then I had my wisdom teeth removed. If you follow me on Twitter you already kind of know some of this stuff. Anyway, I’m still recovering but I wanted to do a post since the end of the year is coming up fast! One of my goals for this winter break was to start drawing more often. Starting January 1st I’m going to a drawing a day challenge to really commit to this goal. I may also post my sketches/drawings on my Twitter and Instagram depending on how this goes. I want to squeeze in one more special and final post for the year but for now back to today’s topic!

I found this inspiring article about seventeen-year-old Mandy Wang and her drawing journey. In one year she was able to transform and enhance her drawings by simply practicing on a regular basis. It’s really amazing how much her drawings transformed over that little bit of time. Seeing this has really encouraged me to do the 30 day drawing challenge and hopefully make it more of a habit. You can check out the article below where you’ll find more information on Wang and her process! Until next time!

Link to article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/29/teen-disney-artist_n_6390644.html



Be My Guest

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on creating some invitations for my Graphic Design class and in order to do that I’ve had to do some research. I’ve been looking for a lot of sources of inspiration and I thought that I’d share some invitation designs that I really liked! I was looking for not only the design of the invitations but also the packaging since I feel that its also a very important aspect. One thing I keep trying to tell myself and look out for is to not over do it. I tend to embellish things more than necessary which leads to too much going on it the design. For my project I’m doing an Alice in Wonderland/Queen of Hearts theme that I talk more about later but for now here are some invites that I think are pretty cool! By the way clicking on the pictures will lead to the site if I was able find one for it! 🙂





A Skinny Minnie?

Hey Everyone! I recently saw an article about a Barney’s window display featured some thinned down Disney characters. I wanted to talk a little bit about this because I think it brings up an important idea about working with well known cartoon characters in design. I think when you’re working with a design for a cartoon character you really have to use a lot of caution as a designer. I know that a lot of adults like Disney characters but I think we can all agree that  a majority of cartoons are created for children. That being said I think that by modifying these characters to look like twigs was not a well thought out idea.

The idea for these designs were to show that Disney characters can be fashionable too however the message seems to translate into something else. To be fashionable or a model you need to be skinny. Not a healthy weight, but super skinny. I think this promotion could have been more successful if the characters kept their original forms but were given a makeover another way. When I first read the headline I thought that maybe they had glammed Minnie up a bit but they totally changed her image.

Which makes another statement that you can’t be yourself. If Minnie has to change to be beautiful and high fashion what does that say to the kids who are going to see this? Overall I just think they should have thought about the kids who would see this considering Disney characters are for kids. I feel like this is similar to the sexy Big Bird costumes being sold for Halloween but let’s not go into that. You can read the article I found here: http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/skinny-minnie-mouse-inspires-petition-194641110.html