X-ray Photography?

Hey everyone! I found some cool photographs that are actually x-rays of everyday objects. The x-rays were created by Bryan Whitney and they have a really beautiful effect to them. Its funny but I’ve never really thought of x-raying objects other than living things but this artist goes so far as to use a shirt and iron in his work. I really like any work that has to do with flowers but I really loved how beautiful some of the flowers he scanned came out.

I also really like the variation of opacity within these pieces which were created by any overlaps in the object. Adding color to these was also a nice touch I think the images may have gotten lost in just black and white so using color was definitely a good choice. I also couldn’t help but notice how these images look similar to the post I did a long time ago about photographing ink in water. It has the same ghostly feel to it that I liked. My favorites are below, as always, but I’ll put a link to the others down below! Until next time!

c3047ccc-428e-43d6-822e-ac8dc9dd35a6_Rose-X-ray ff058baa-d229-46a1-8bb2-bcce44d4818c_Iron-X-ray b30d08ef-0e80-4f49-831a-d01d6896252f_Iris-X-ray ca810d75-091c-4ffe-9c7c-d708e1eca044_Crab-x-ray

Link to article: http://news.yahoo.com/lightbox/x-ray-photography-hidden-beauty-inside-1376578462-slideshow/x-ray-photography-hidden-beauty-inside-photo-1376578290559.html


iLove It!

Hey everyone!

For this  week’s post I found some photos that were taken via iphone that I really love! Unfortunately I don’t have an iphone butf92ea85f04a5ef74c7f2aad59e2ab70a 2ffca8bd94d8b53466f5834fff812998 b893c8b48ff42c8c61b5a84e3e74e90c 5b11c7e6ee89e7455f4922c4764203d9  I think this just shows you how you can make great photos with what you have. Any camera can make a good photo, you just have to know how to use it to your advantage! I thought that these were some cool photos and I wanted to share my favorites with you guys.

The photographer is Brock Davis and he has come up with some very interesting and playful ideas for his photos! I was also able to find some common ground with this photographer which a little bonus for me. One of the things I do with my own photographer is try to not manipulate my subjects very much. I feel like my photographs are too set up and unnatural. I like to photograph objects in my environment in their natural state which has really helped me I think.

I makes me take the time to look at things from a different viewpoint. Davis seems to do something similar and he also uses everyday objects to create his pieces. I know I’ve said this before but there are possibilities for creativity everywhere you just need to look around you.

Link to Brock Davis’ site and more photos:http://www.itistheworldthatmadeyousmall.com/46345/973711/new/2012-iphone-photos