X-ray Photography?

Hey everyone! I found some cool photographs that are actually x-rays of everyday objects. The x-rays were created by Bryan Whitney and they have a really beautiful effect to them. Its funny but I’ve never really thought of x-raying objects other than living things but this artist goes so far as to use a shirt and iron in his work. I really like any work that has to do with flowers but I really loved how beautiful some of the flowers he scanned came out.

I also really like the variation of opacity within these pieces which were created by any overlaps in the object. Adding color to these was also a nice touch I think the images may have gotten lost in just black and white so using color was definitely a good choice. I also couldn’t help but notice how these images look similar to the post I did a long time ago about photographing ink in water. It has the same ghostly feel to it that I liked. My favorites are below, as always, but I’ll put a link to the others down below! Until next time!

c3047ccc-428e-43d6-822e-ac8dc9dd35a6_Rose-X-ray ff058baa-d229-46a1-8bb2-bcce44d4818c_Iron-X-ray b30d08ef-0e80-4f49-831a-d01d6896252f_Iris-X-ray ca810d75-091c-4ffe-9c7c-d708e1eca044_Crab-x-ray

Link to article: http://news.yahoo.com/lightbox/x-ray-photography-hidden-beauty-inside-1376578462-slideshow/x-ray-photography-hidden-beauty-inside-photo-1376578290559.html


Hey everyone! So what is flowerbombing you ask? Well, its photographing flowers while they explode, at least in my definition. Got your attention, right? Mark Klimas has found this unusual way to create some very unique and beautiful photographs.  I was really attracted to these photos because of the shattering effect that they have. It was something that really caught my attention because it was something I’ve never seen before.2686266

Now you might say ‘exploding flowers, what’s the big deal?’ but I there’s just something about them that is really intriguing to me. His process is also really interesting because he prepares the flowers before they meet their maker. First he puts the flowers in a box with liquid nitrogen to freeze them to about negative 326 degrees fahrenheit. After that point Klimas says that they are as fragile as a snowflake and are really easy to break. In order to get his beautiful photos he  shoots the flowers from behind to get the shattered effect. It’s a really interesting process so I highly recommend that you check out the link below to learn more about this process.2686263

I love the photo of the dark rose, the coloring of the rose is beautiful and I love how the center of the rose is intact while the edges appear to have dissolved. I really love the pink flower, which may or may not be a rose, because of the way the colors blend and layer on each other. I picked the third flower because it looked as if it had been something so solid, almost as if it was ceramic. Remember to check out the link below to see all of the flowers! The ones here are just my favorites! Until next time!



Link: http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/photographer-captures-spectacular-images-shattering-slideshow/-photo-2686260-185600455.html

Yes They CAN!

Hey Everyone! I found some artwork that I think is really creative and great way of recycling. I recently found a ton of artwork done with discarded spray paint cans on http://theinspirationgrid.com, which I mentioned  in my last post. These amazing pieces were created by different artists involved with the organization Canlove which is a non-profit graffiti can recycling program. Some of the pieces they’ve created are flower bouquets, individual flowers, a huge tree, and even using the cans as a base for paintings. The way the cans are used are so creative and it really made me realize how much you do with something as simple as a can of spray paint.

I have to say that my favorite is the tree or Graffitree as they call it on their website. Not only is it huge but it’s so beautiful. I love all the different colors on the tree and the way that the leaves were created. It just looks really amazing. Overall a lot of their work is really colorful and most of the time I forget that the pieces are made out of recycled cans.

I highly suggest checking out their website, listed below, because they have a lot of cool stuff on there. I posted pictures of some of my favorites but I think if I had the money I’d buy most or all of these pieces if I could. They’re very unique and the creativity really amazes me; the bright colors are also a huge plus!

Check out the inspiration grid profile the work here: http://theinspirationgrid.com/#canlove-recycled-graffiti-spray-can-art-by-chalk

Check out the Canlove website here: http://canlove.org/

Beautiful Brands!

Hi Everyone! I recently came across some really great artwork using brand names as inspiration. I found this through Pinterest, surprise, and I really like them. They’re really well done and are really beautiful. The designs have a floral pattern to all of them and they are a bit similar but the incorporation of color and the black splatters give them some individuality. I also really like how the kind of have an old/antique look to them. I like how some of the words such as Christian Dior are given a kind of old/faded feeling to it. Another thing I like is how the colors used kind of blend or clash together. You can see in some of the designs that the colors blend in certain parts and other times there is more of a dramatic change. The Alexander McQueen one is definitely one of my favorites, I love the red the Q! I also like the YSL one a lot too, I just love the colors in the piece. I liked all of these so much that I actually got some inspiration for a project I just recently finished for my graphic design class. Unfortunately the inspiration was a bit late, everything was due and handed in by the time I found this, but at least I have ideas for future projects! Better late than never I guess. These really inspired me and I definitely want to do some sketches soon! Unfortunately my right hand feels like it’s about to kick the bucket soon so it may have to wait a couple more days! Check out the link here:http://www.behance.net/gallery/Brands-in-Full-Bloom/4300265 to see larger versions. See you next time!