Elke Vogelsang!

Hey everyone! I found these pet portraits and I thought they were pretty cool for several reasons! One of  them is how well the photographer, Elke Vogelsang, captures the expressions of the dogs. There are tons of photos of people’s pets online but these are different because they really capture the personality of the dogs. I liked the contrast of the dark background because it really highlights the dogs themselves rather than distracting us with their environment. I feel like her intent and focus is on the dogs so I think she was really successful in taking these images.

I have dogs myself and I’ve taken photos of them but never in a studio setting or without an indication towards their natural environment; which is basically the house since my dogs are lazy and don’t care for the outdoors much. I really liked these photos because they’re different from a typical dog photo and some of the expressions are hilarious! I recommend you check out all of them, the link is below, but I included my favorites!


Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/27/elke-vogelsang_n_5042132.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000023

Let Me Take a Selfie

Hey everyone! I debated about whether or not to post this because I wasn’t sure if it was artsy enough but I figured this is my blog and I thought it was interesting, so here it is. I read an article recently about camera that were installed in a koala enclosure in Australia. What really captured my interest, besides the cute koalas, was the idea that these cameras were used to take selfies of the animals. Basically the animal would have to approach the camera and get within its frame and a sensor would go off to capture the image and viola! The cutest selfie!

What stood out about images is how interesting they came out and how they look like a photographer took them. I thought it was a nice way to have the koalas engage in the process and have a more natural photo. Apparently the koalas liked the idea too since there’s plenty of photos. We’ve been talking a lot about the presence of social media within our world and selfies are a large part of that too. They allow us to capture what we are doing in the exact moment we are doing it, regardless of how ridiculous we look. That concept can be seen with these photos too as we are able to see the koalas explore and capture their personalities in the moment without human interaction. As always I have my favorites below but I’ll link the rest incase you need more! Until next time!

-koalaQXselfie--foodporn-JPG_000255 Koala-taking-a-selfie-with-a-Sony-QX-Lens-Style-Camera---image-shot-with-Sony-A99--jpg_024731 koalaqxselfie_pout_19jpiag-19jpiao 2D274905541814-tdy-koala-selfie-140404-05.blocks_desktop_medium


Its in Your Genes!

Hi everyone, I found this article on how a photographer, Ulric Collette, merges two different generations of family members to create a really interesting photograph. Its really amazing how some people look like repeats of an older generation. In the photo below the photographer combined a picture of his mother and daughter and it ended up looking like a photo of one person at different points in life. The resemblance is really amazing. At first I thought this was a picture of one person!

I thought this was a really interesting concept although it might not necessarily work for all family members it could highlight similarities that aren’t really noticeable at first. I’d personally like to look into this more and merge some of my photos with those of my relatives. I think it would be a really interesting project! Below are some of my favorites that I got from his website and the one from the article. I’ll also have links to both down below!


Article: http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/the-grandmother-granddaughter-mini-me-portrait-you-must-see-220040587.html

Ulric Collette: http://genetic.ulriccollette.com/

Getting Drawn In

Hey everyone!  I found this really cool artist a little while back and I wanted to include him in one of my posts. His name is Ben Heine and he’s a photographer and illustrator.  I thought it was really interesting how he was able to combine the photography and his drawing skills. I really like this approach and since I like both photography and drawing this interested me. It was a nice way to incorporate both of his talents into one piece of work.

These drawings also add a nice effect to the photographs and add another level of interest. He does some in color but most of them are black and white which is what I actually prefer. I think having the drawing in black and white makes me feel like I’m seeing what’s beneath the surface in these photos. It’s almost as if the colored portion of the photo is the surface and we’re peaking underneath. I thought these were really well done and I wanted to share them with you guys. Below are my favorites but I’ll also include a link below to the article I found on him. Until next time!

4561195225_839d20d8eb_n 4607621642_96e1c27d66_n 7486319972_d270214719_n

Link to article: http://blog.flickr.net/2013/09/27/photographer-literally-draws-life-into-his-photos/


Hey everyone! So what is flowerbombing you ask? Well, its photographing flowers while they explode, at least in my definition. Got your attention, right? Mark Klimas has found this unusual way to create some very unique and beautiful photographs.  I was really attracted to these photos because of the shattering effect that they have. It was something that really caught my attention because it was something I’ve never seen before.2686266

Now you might say ‘exploding flowers, what’s the big deal?’ but I there’s just something about them that is really intriguing to me. His process is also really interesting because he prepares the flowers before they meet their maker. First he puts the flowers in a box with liquid nitrogen to freeze them to about negative 326 degrees fahrenheit. After that point Klimas says that they are as fragile as a snowflake and are really easy to break. In order to get his beautiful photos he  shoots the flowers from behind to get the shattered effect. It’s a really interesting process so I highly recommend that you check out the link below to learn more about this process.2686263

I love the photo of the dark rose, the coloring of the rose is beautiful and I love how the center of the rose is intact while the edges appear to have dissolved. I really love the pink flower, which may or may not be a rose, because of the way the colors blend and layer on each other. I picked the third flower because it looked as if it had been something so solid, almost as if it was ceramic. Remember to check out the link below to see all of the flowers! The ones here are just my favorites! Until next time!



Link: http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/photographer-captures-spectacular-images-shattering-slideshow/-photo-2686260-185600455.html

Water Wigs?

Hey Everyone! I found these really fun photos that I wanted to share.These water wig photos were created by photographer Timenhanced-buzz-26717-1361468136-35 enhanced-buzz-374-1361468286-0 enhanced-buzz-32125-1361468116-1 enhanced-buzz-26748-1361540693-0 Tadder. I thought this was a really creative and planned out series of photos that are really fun to look at. What I found the most amazing was the way the water moves in some of these photos! I also love the bright colors with in the photos, I think they really add  a playful feel to them.

According to Tadder he threw water balloons at the models and used a laser and sound trigger to capture the water at the perfect moment. As I mentioned before its amazing how sculpted the water looks, it’s hard to believe that it really is water! This is a really short post compared to most of my other posts but I think these photos speak for themselves! If you want to see more I’ll post a link down below! I hope you guys enjoyed this, see you next week!

Link to the site:http://www.buzzfeed.com/bennyjohnson/the-mind-blowing-photography-of-water-wigs

Fast Forward!

carly shutterhappy Emma-Watson-Then-Now-emma-watson-23606964-500-500 yuki Inspiration-Photography-Now-ThenHey everyone! I’ve recently been envying some then and now photography so I thought I’d blog about that today. So what is then and now photography? Exactly what you think it is (probably). Basically you take an old photograph and recreate it as best as you can and presto you have two identical photographs taken at different points in your life!

I have tons of photographs of when I was little, my grandpa was rarely without his camera, so I’d love to attempt this! I just love looking at these because it’s so interesting to see how much or little people have changed. There are probably several variations of this idea but the two I really know about are a full photo shot and a portrait shot. These are a little hard to describe but you’ll get the picture from the photos I post here. Right now the portrait one really appeals to me.

It seems a lot simpler because you don’t have to worry about having the right props or a similar outfit to the full photo one.I also love the ones with the parents, so funny! I thought these were pretty cool, and funny, so I wanted to share them with you guys because I think this would be a great project to do for fun! The photos here are my favorites but check out the link below to see more! See you guys next time!