From Playtime to Photoshoot

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I saw this awhile back and I loved the concept these photographs. These were created by photographer Kelly Lewis and the model is actually her daughter, Alice Lewis. I think what I loved about these initially was the sophisticated simplicity of the photographs. I mean really, when we get down to it these are essentially a group of photos capturing a moment of dress up. Lewis is able to take this simple idea and make it into something bigger and highlight this typical childhood moment. Its also something very nostalgic for most people too.

Boy or girl, anyone can relate to this idea of dressing up as a kid and seemingly turning into another person. Whether it was transforming into a princess or a wronged prom queen bent on revenge (okay, maybe not so much the later). It also continues to amaze me at how parents and their kids are actually collaborating together to make such beautiful and interesting photography. Yes the parent is taking the picture, but ask any photographer and they will tell you that the model is equally (if not more) important to the piece. I also liked the positive attitude of these two on the fact that Alice is adopted and proud of it. I think it says a lot about this little girl’s character! Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this and there will be a link to the original article down below you can also see the other photos there too. Until next time!


Alice015These first two need little explanation, I love the history behind these two and often take inspiration from their stories! As some of you may know I did some Alice in Wonderland based invitations for a tea party to be held by the Queen of Hearts. I also love French art and architecture so I often think of Marie when I’m doing something with a fancier design.


Carrie is just a classic, I mean its so well known and a great Halloween movie. I love how her eyes just pop here, especially with the blood near them!



Creepy Painting Inspiration?

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Today’s post is kind of Halloween oriented in the way that I first got this idea from a horror/suspense movie. If you haven’t seen the movie Orphan I won’t spoil it for you! In the movie the orphan that is adopted by the family the movie centers around is a painter and is constantly painting throughout the movie. Towards about the end of the movie we find out that her paintings are not exactly what they seem to be. Over her original paintings she uses a glow in the dark paint to create a totally different painting that you can only see when the lights are all off. Let’s just say that these paintings are umm, much more interesting than the originals. Although these paintings turned out to be really creepy, check out the picture above, the idea of having another hidden painting really interested me. I thought that it’s a really cool idea once you think about it. You’d basically be creating two paintings in one, and I like the idea of having something hidden within the painting. I started doing a ¬†little research on this and I found the video below explaining how to create your own glow in the dark paint! You can check that out here: .You’d still have to invest in the proper lighting but I still think this is really cool idea. I’m also including a the clip of the movie that reveals the hidden paintings, even though they’re really creepy. Also note that the music is not part of the movie but it was the best clip I could find. I know this post was a little different but I hope you guys liked it anyway!