More Moodboards!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take the opportunity to show you guys a bit more of my work and give you a taste of what I’ve been doing this semester. One of our projects was to create a timeline or infographic poster that highlighted a current event. I really struggled with the beginnings of this project and it was hard for me to come up with a topic that I wanted to highlight. Some of my other classmates chose to focus on topics such as the Ebola outbreak, Human Trafficking and war related spending. I wanted to make sure that my topic was not only current but also had significant importance.

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri is something that has been widely focused on and I felt this project would help me to communicate awareness of the situation. I chose my timeline to be on the number of black males killed in the U.S. by police officers per year. I felt that by focusing on this the project would end up being more credible since I was not communicating an opinion but rather facts and statistics. Below is the moodboard that I came up and represented my concept for my poster. I eventually plan to post the end result when I have a bit more time but I thought I’d share this with you guys! As always I love hearing your opinion so feel free to make a comment if you like! Until next time!


New Semester, New Post

Hi everyone! I was on somewhat of a hiatus this summer which wasn’t necessarily intentional. This blog mostly functions as a kind of school blog but I usually try to make posts even when I’m not in school because I like sharing things with you guys. This summer I was pretty busy, I was working a lot and when I wasn’t working I was trying to enjoy the summer with my leftover time. That being said I really didn’t do much on the artsy side or writing side for that matter either. However, I wasn’t gone, I’ve been trying to go on Twitter more often and try to make a somewhat interesting tweet. By the way if you haven’t followed me on Twitter please feel free to do so @melfranco17 and send me a message or two!

My goals for this semester are to start working on ways to develop my style more and expand my portfolio. At this point I’m not completely worried about my portfolio but I definitely think I need to start focusing on it more. What I had a hard time on during the summer was coming with projects to create. I really wanted to do simple projects so that I could have a couple of small items instead of a larger project since I was low on time. I guess the good thing about school is that time is more balanced and scheduled, at least for me. I’d like to keep doing mini projects along the way not only for fun but so hopefully something will come from them. I’m thinking more like postcards, posters for events, even maybe some promotional-like items, who knows! Also, I promise to have much more interesting posts with pretty pictures soon! Until next time guys!

Minimalist Movie Posters!

Hey everyone! I found these a while back as they were all posters done on MTV Movie Award Nominees and they kind of work as a source of inspiration for me. A couple of weeks ago we had to design a calendar page for one of our projects in my Graphic Design 1 class and it was something I had never done before so I needed help. I felt that the best route for me to go was to make a minimalist poster since I really like them a lot and well…they’re simple. These are all amazing and I love how even though they’re really simple they really represent their movies! I think they pretty much speak for themselves so I posted my favorites down below as well as a link to the rest of them. My absolute favorite is the one for  Dallas Buyer’s Club which is funny since I haven’t seen the movie, but that goes to show you how appealing the poster is to me! Hopefully they can inspire you guys the same way they did for me!

american-hustle springbreaker-01_1397332253454 wolf-poster2 dallas-2 hunger-games_1397332341944


iDesign A Website?!?!

Hey everyone! For this week in my Digital Applications class (formerly known as Desktop Publishing) we had to create a mock-up of the website that we are going to create. Let me say that this was totally new experience for me. I had no idea how this would turn out or if it would turn out because frankly I had no idea what the heck I was doing. To say the least I think I did a pretty good job for my first time, it actually looks like a website! I went ahead with designing something that would function as a portfolio for myself.

What I have so far is layout of some of my pages and what I want to include on my website. I feel like these are really the bones and tissue of my website, in some strange, creepy way. I feel like I have quite a bit of white space that I need to work on but other than that I feel like I’m on track with what I want. Next up is maybe adding some kind of background/graphics so that my pages aren’t so plain and underdressed. Below are the Splash page (which I may or may not use, I’m not sure yet), my home page, my about page and my portfolio/gallery. Feedback is highly appreciated! I always appreciate when you guys like or comment my stuff so let me know what you think! Until next time!

Let Me Make This Simple

Hey everyone! I was looking around on Pinterest and ended up gathering together some book covers and movie posters that were given a simple makeover. These are books and movies that most people can recognize and include books you might have even read. I really liked the simplistic approach to redoing these book covers and movie posters.  A problem I’ve had in the past is having too much to look at in my own art so I really appreciate how simple but effective this designs are! Since there are quite a few I’ll be making another post with some of my other favorites but for now enjoy the ones below!

The first one that caught my attention was a remake of a movie poster for The Hobbit. I really like the incorporation of the three images and how they overlapped. At the bottom you have a hobbit, probably Bilbo, then a mountain and lastly a dragon. I like the building up of each of these elements have the smallest at the bottom and working up to the largest aspect at the top.


The next is for the book The Outsiders, which I haven’t read unfortunately so I can’t connect with the comb reference. What I can say is I like how the comb is used to create an exclamation mark. The placement of the title within the circle is also a really nice touch!


The last one for this post is definitely one of my favorites! Its a poster for The Shining. I really like the incorporation of the typewriter since the main character is a writer. The famous quote on the typewriter also ties into the book. I love the red within the piece, it gives the piece an really nice touch. I have to say this is probably my favorite of the three, I really like this one! If you want a direct link to these images just click on the images here! Until next time!


Si Scott

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been slacking on this blog lately however I’ve had some things come up that I’m still working through. That being said I’m going to try to do the two posts a week however it’s not something I’m going to promise so just letting you guys know! Anyway, enough of that. What I really want to talk about is a new artist that I found, Si Scott. Si Scott is an artist who focuses on design, illustration, and typography.

Three major aspects that I’ve been really into lately. I found his work on and not only did I find photographs of his pieces, there are also videos! I really love watching videos of artists at work, it’s amazing to their process and how they create their artwork. What really attracted me to Si’s work was how fluid and scriptural his work is. I love the curls and curves in script and to see the same principles be used to create something like the figure of animal is really amazing.

Although I do like his series of animals I also really like a map that he created for The Enemy Tour, which you can see more of on his portfolio page. I had a project earlier in the semester where we had to creat a perfect letterform. At first it was a little tedious but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I also learned how hard it is to creat a nice crisp line, but it was still fun to do. A think the use of black and white works really well within the pieces too. I dont’ see any need of color or variations of black or white in these, they’re very crisp and beautiful they way they are. I posted a few of my favorites here but check out Si’s portfolio at to see more.

See his portfolio here and remember to check out The Enemy Tour videos!:

NBC Universal Logo Change

One of the things I always seem to do when I go on the internet is head start to the main page of Yahoo and look at whats trending. I almost always find something interesting just by looking at what other people are searching for which is why this somewhat of a ritual for me. Today was no exception and low and behold I found something interesting. NBC Universal is making, what I think, a dramatic change to the company’s logo. The big change is the absence of the iconic peacock with the rainbow-colored feathers. Yes, they’re getting rid of the peacock. At first this seems a bit crazy to me because of how big of a part the peacock logo has played in the history of the company. Ever since I was little I always knew the channel because of the small peacock that would appear on the screen, and this was when I was about five. This is why I think the peacock is so important; it is very recognizable logo that has a deep connection to the company. Included in this blog are the old and new logos of NBC Universal and to be honest I don’t like the new logo at all. It just seems too plain and simple for me and what’s up with the blue/purple background? To be honest when I first looked at the logo I almost mistook it for the Facebook logo. The bluish background and white letters give it the same kind of familiar feeling to the logo, it doesn’t seem very unique. I don’t mind the type, I actually kind of like it, but I still like the old logo a lot more. I like how the old logo incorporated the merge of the two companies and left them with their own company logos. After 56 years as the mascot for NBC I think the peacock has a become a key symbol for the company and getting rid of it feels like losing some of the  company’s history.

Check out the article here:

Note: I just saw another article by the Associated Press that shows basically the same logo but its black and white so I’m not sure why they’re different but I still like the old version anyway. Here’s the link to that article:


The Old/Current Logo

The New Logo